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VIDEO | How Vulgar! Random Guy Responds To Widow’s 500 Euros Rant About Frank Artus

frank-artus-drama-660x330When you wash your dirty linens in public, you give miscreants the opportunity to further drag your personality in the mud.

And so it was when an unknown widow made a Facebook video rant about Frank Artus owing her 500 euros since October last year and refusing to pay, she set off an ugly internet drama involving the actor’s fans.

On Sunday, September 11, a woman who goes by the name Charity Janssen, released videos on her Facebook wall claiming that Nollywood actor, Frank Artus, is owing her money and has refused to pay her back. She cursed him and asked people to appeal to him to refund her money otherwise she will go to her village to work on him.

To catch up on the full gist, click HERE.

Today some random guy (pictured left), decided to make a video responding to Janssen’s rant. Between the crass guy stating his opinion in very vulgar language and the angry woman who kept yelling at “you people” to tell Artus to pay her money, I don’t who to blame. I guess she has gotten a suitable response from “you people” then. *tongue out*

frank-artus-charity-janssen-709x500Frank Artus and Charity Janssen

Watch the video by “you people”…





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