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Video Of Bini Prostitute Ranting In Europe Goes Viral In Hours [MUST WATCH VIDEO]

AMADIN2This young Nigerian woman who goes by the name of Amadin Stainless Queen uploaded a video on social media yesterday afternoon that went viral in hours.

According to what I gathered from her viral video, Amadin who is a sex worker based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, had put up a video yesterday morning where she was encouraging her friends and followers to struggle and work hard for a better life.

Her comment box soon swarmed with insults and criticisms from readers who mocked her mode of hustle which is making money from prostitution. This got her furious and she made a second video later that afternoon to rant and vent on her haters.

In between her rants, Amadin could be seen chugging wine from a glass which she said she was drinking to “step down” her anger. then she went on to call out some guy named Okuns for daring to call her “ashawo.” She cussed Okuns out telling him that his girlfriend who smuggled his black ass from Edo State, through Libya and then to Europe gave him ‘Caro Light’ cream to bleach his black face and now he has the guts to talk to her.

Look eh, what this young woman said shocked every conventional Nigerian to say the least. She openly bragged about being a prostitute and using her vagina which she called her “shoko” and her “kpekus international” to make enough money to build a house back in Nigeria and to raise her three kids as a single mother. She even zoomed the video to her nether region…choi!!

Here are some of the things she said in strong Bini pidgin…

“Single mother, single mother, single mother…na we start am?! If dem dey say make dem dey talk who start the single mother, na Mary wey born…Mama Jesus Christ, naim start this single mother thing!

Abi na who know say e know husband of Mary make e inbox me, or who know the father of Jesus make e inbox me. Una father head wey dey insult me!

You dey insult me for my truth, who be you?…to insult me of my truth?”

“See Okuns, wey e black, wey come follow…wey pass Libya come that day…e girlfriend don buy am Caro Light, e don dey yellow, e don dey begin dey shallenge me. Your papa ass!” (Bwahahahaha!!!)

“Person nor dey support my house rent because na me leave my papa and my mama house say I wan come hustle for life…I hustle for life!

If you say ashawo..yes…I’m f**king proud because this my shoko here, e don do many. E don get pickin, e don get house, e don get money. Na my shoko, see am…my kpekus international…e nor dey shake!”

Okay pause. I would have brought you this gist since yesterday, but while I was on Amadin’s timeline, doing my investigations, she deactivated her Facebook account. I’ve been stalking her account ever since until she restored it this evening.

It’s bad enough that Amadin is a sex worker who I’m not judging by the way. But the ratchet way she presented her situation drives chills through our spine. All the okpeke-slapping and bragging, speaking bini in between just got me cringing.

The Bini language is one of the most ancient languages in Nigeria. It is the language of the gods…the language of proud queens and kings…a language of pride, the glory of the old Benin Empire. If Amadin were to live in ancient times, she would have been beheaded by order of the Oba. OBA A TO KPE E! ISE!!!

Amadin is a struggling single mother of three children…a daughter and two sons. I appreciate her drive to give them the best in life, but I think she should focus more on carrying herself with dignity than how she presented herself in the video.

I hope to have a chat with Amadin one day, because something tells me beneath all that ratchetness and jaguda behaviour, is a hidden  personality the world will appreciate.

Scroll down to watch the viral video…

AMADIN1Amadin Stainless QueenAMADIN-DAUGHTERAmadin with her cute daughterAMADIN-QUOTE1Quotes Amadin shared on her timeline after the backlash from readersAMADIN-QUOTE2AMADIN-PBWB-660x330Amadin doing her thing

Now watch the viral video…



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  1. Imariabe precious

    I so much love her speech and moreover she is saying the truth fuck those that are condemning her

    • Wrong is wrong. She already knows the consequences of her actions. At the end of our day, our opinion doesn’t really matter.
      Saying her lifestyle is wrong is not the same as condemning her.

      Truth is Truth. What a terrible position to be in but others who do not fall into that life and yet others who go into prostitution out of necessity, but do not glorify the lifestyle and post viral videos about smoking and the potency of their private parts. If She has money now as she claimed, let her educate herself and get out of that lifestyle. Besides, I’ll gotten goods never last.

      Remember, there were two thieves who were crucified with Jesus. One was brazen and the other repentant, acknowledged the wrongfulness of his ways and was saved. The other was not and even prideful in his sin. Do not be unrepentant sinners by glorifying a harmful attitude and lifestyle. About her children, may God bless them. It takes more than money to raise children properly.

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