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VIDEO: One More Good Reason To Read Your Bible…Watch Kevin Harts Interview With Oprah

2014 is the year of Kevin Hart. The entertainer is currently a very hot item with his box-office hits and recent NAACP Image Award for Entertainer of the Year.

Kevin recently sat to an interview with Oprah Prime on OWN Network where he discussed a wide range of topics with the queen of TV. One of the things he shared was how his mother helped him survive his first year as a budding comedian without money to pay his house rent.

Hart says he was in love with standup comedy from the moment he started, but as you can imagine, the money was funny back then.

“I haven’t paid my rent in like a month. I’m like, ‘Mom, the rent. Where’s the rent at?’”

All his mother would say is: “Have you been reading your Bible?”

He hadn’t. A week goes by, then another.  Hart again asks his mother for rent money. An, you guessed it, the same response. “Have you read your Bible?”

Another month goes by, and Hart shows his mom the eviction notice put on his door. “She said, ‘Talk to me when you read your Bible,’” he says.

Hart went back home, finally ready to appease his mother and open up his Bible. Watch the video below to see what he found inside that made Oprah gasp.

Source: EurWeb
Photo Credit: Madame Noire | Vibe
Video Credit: Jermaine Pierce | Facebook
P/S: Be patient for the video to load or appear. It takes a while. Or click HERE to watch on Facebook.



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