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VIDEO | “Please Don’t Kill Me!” – Nigerian Man Who Wore Camouflage Tortured By Soldiers

CAMO MAN-1It is well known in Nigeria that civilians are not allowed to wear camouflage outfits as a fashion item. If you’re caught by the army; whether you’re are male or female, you’ll be beaten or tortured.

And so it was, when some soldiers caught this unfortunate guy wearing a camo T-shirt complete with a cap, they decided to teach him a lesson.

The soldiers asked him where he bought the outfit from and the man mentioned some market. They asked him to take them there, then he started crying and begging for his life when he saw a soldier point a gun at him.

The man was incoherent for the most part of the video as he whimpered and sobbed in fear. He ran behind one soldier, using the officer some sort of bullet proof as he screamed like a girl begging the soldiers to spare his life for the sake of his mother.

It isn’t clear if the man was impersonating a soldier or simply wearing the army gear as a fashion statement.

I must say this crop of soldiers were really very nice. The soldier he held on to actually patronised him and didn’t push him away. I guess they just wanted to scare him out of his wits. I’ve actually seen Nigerian soldiers ‘clear’ offenders legs to the ground and stamp on their heads just for wearing their fatigue.

Does the same thing happen in other countries? Do soldiers get mad at civilians for wearing Camo?

The video has since gone viral as social media find the civilian’s girlish screams hilarious.

Watch the video…



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