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Video Vixen, Venita Akpofure Tells Toke Makinwa To STFU

VENITA-TOKEOn-Air-Personality, Toke Makinwa is also a Vlogger who posts a video every Wednesday on her website, where she talks about a variety of issues from men to relationships.

She posted a tweet this morning reminding her fans about this Wednesday’s video when it seems Video vixen and actress, Venita Akpofure sent two harsh tweets presumed to be directed at Toke. See the tweets…

TOKE-TWEET VENITA-TWEETA lot of people have reacted to this shade tweets by Venita saying it serves Toke right, while others felt Venita should have minded her business.

The truth is when someone makes a conscious effort to  always put her private life under public scrutiny, the public will always make it their business.  Most times public comments will not be nice. Then who is to blame? Is it the public or you who wanted everyone to know about everything that goes on in your private life?

I’m saying this because Toke recently posted a tweet right after Kim K got engaged to Kanye West and Ciara got engaged to Future. Both Kim and Ciara got a surprise wedding proposal from their fiancés on their birthdays. Toke hinted through her tweet that she’d love the same surprise from her boyfriend, Maje Ayida.

TOKE-TWEETBarely a week after she said this, she sat down to an interview with Liz Yemoja of Igroove Radio and said she and Maje had been engaged since this year and were both planning to get married this same year, but they’ve been too busy to sit down and plan for their wedding.

I heard many celebs during interviews tell the interviewer when asked about the loves in their lives that they’d rather not say anything because they want to keep their private lives, private. So the choice is really that of the celeb.

Of course, Pweebers you are free to differ.



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