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VIDEO | What Nigerian Police Did To A Male Cross Dressing Prostitute

nigerian-cross-dresser-1A Nigerian male cross dressing prostitute was caught and humiliated by some members of the Nigerian Police force.

He was made to strip completely naked. Underneath the clothes he wore, he had on a stuffed bra and butt pad which he confessed he bought at a place called ‘Terminus’.

As he talked in an effeminate voice, one of the police men barked in irritation:


He confessed he has gay anal sex with his male ‘customers’, and when asked if he has their numbers, he denied having them.nigerian-cross-dresser-2The policemen jeered, asked him if his ‘pr**k’ worked, and even debated among themselves if indeed the boy’s male organ was still sexually functional.

To my distress, one of the policemen can be heard saying he was going home to show his innocent children the video.

Watch the video below….



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