Videos Showing Last Moments Before Tagbo Umeike’s Death…DAVIDO WAS THERE!!…His Crew LIED!!! | #Deevanalysis


tagbo-4Yesterday, Nigerian social media was agog with the news of a guy named Tagbo Umeike (pictured above) whose dead body was dumped by Davido‘s crew at the General Hospital in Lagos.

Nigerian actress, Caroline Danjuma who was a close friend of the deceased suspected foul play and called out Davido to state why Tagbo was left to die and how the deceased was betrayed by his so called friends.CAROLINE DANJUMA-RINGCaroline Danjuma

Tagbo died on his birthday, October 3 while out celebrating with friends at a Shisha bar.

Videos exclusively obtained by LIB show more than a dozen shots of alcohol displayed on a tray in front of the deceased and a voice could be heard warning him that he didn’t have the ‘body’ to drink that large quantity of spirit.

[Watch the video…]

That was exactly what crossed my mind, the first time I saw him in the video about to drink all that alcohol in the tray. He looked very skinny and very sickly. Was he a sickle cell anaemia patient? Was he a narcotic drug user? Or was that how he looked normally? He looked too unhealthy to be living such a jet paced, wild lifestyle. Dude like that should be going to bed early and eating healthy food to nourish his system. I guess we’ll never know.

As accusations are being made and denied over what actually led to the death of the man named Tagbo, Caroline Danjuma went further to share a new photo of the late Tagbo strolling on a beach with Davido, his best friend Ashley Ebong and lawyer, Bobo Ajudua.tagbo-davido

Caroline also denied reports that the late Tagbo drank himself to death as the videos indicate. She wrote;

“You gave ur all .. when they needed ur assistance you were always there for them .. Tag you don’t deserve this .. this world is cruel ..

I warned you but u were always acting mr nice they labelled you an alcohol addict which is a big lie .. I won’t keep shut .. a glass of Henessy and cranberry gets u tipsy .. just a glass .. cool , calm and minding ur own biz was all you were ..

all the lies they say now to cover up .. if only you could wake up and speak for urself .. I won’t keep shut …. only the wicked would act like it’s nothing … y

ou called them your friend but they left you to die .”tagbo-davido-2

So why was Davido’s camp lying? DAVIDO WAS THERE AT THE BAR THAT NIGHT! This next video obtained by LIB shows Davido sitting at the bar and dancing.DAVIDO-606x602Davido

A very drunk looking Tagbo walks up to him and t0uches him on the shoulder. Davido curves him. Watch…

There’s wisdom to be learnt from this sad and unfortunate incident. The best way to celebrate your birthday is to pray and thank God first for making you see yourself get one year older. Then have a sober reflection on the next direction you want to chart the course of your life.  Choose your friends wisely. Most times, the people you call your friends really don’t give a s**t about you. Don’t burn away your youthful life like you’re burning a candle on both ends. Value your life. Love yourself.

You only have one life. Make wise choices.


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