Viral Mother’s Day Photo Slammed as ‘Vulgar’ and ‘Indecent’ [SEE PHOTO + MY DEEVANALYSIS]


MOTHERS DAY-BOOBSThis grown adult guy here probably though popping out his mother’s boob out of a bra and having a photo taken of them was funny.

Apparently, this photo went viral and for all the wrong reasons. He was heavily slammed by people who saw it. Almost everyone thought the photo was indecent and vulgar.

For me, it would have been such a sweet gesture of a son to his mom if NO PHOTOGRAPH was taken, and if taken, not uploaded on social media. Because of how perverted our society has become today, people will fail to see the innocence in this photo.

When my mother in-law was alive, there was this 40-something year old guy called Segun who’d try to pop out Mama’s breast and pretend to suck it as she smacked him, playfully shooing him away. Segun was my hubby’s childhood friend…born in those days when village women breast-fed each other’s babies.

Sometimes, if he was fast enough he’d pop out Mama’s breast before she even realised. I remember looking on in horror and protesting to my husband who laughed it off lightly saying it meant nothing; that it was Segun’s innocent way of telling Mama he still regarded her as his mother.

Everyone seemed cool with it so I kept quiet, but it was a real culture shock for me then. Maybe that’s why this photo doesn’t shock me much.

Mama and Segun have since died and gone to heaven. Maybe if we took pictures of Shege’s (as we fondly called him) silly pranks, we would have saved up some good memories of mother and son to smile at. But I wouldn’t have advocated that we shared such photos with the world on social media. People interpret the same thing differently.

No need to stir up trouble or a heated debate that would get us nowhere. Besides, the love of a mother for her child is too sacred to be misconstrued, let alone verbally vandalised.



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