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Viral Video Of An Evil Woman Rubbing Bride’s Belly With ‘Juju’ On Her Wedding Day

EVIL WOMAN AT BINI WEDDING-SCREENSHOT-CVThere has been outrage on social media after a video showing an unidentified woman rubbing the belly area of a new bride with an unseen substance went viral.

My friend and fellow blogger, Primrose Obata Dodo shared this video on Facebook and wrote,

“Ladies please be careful of who you allow in your space most especially on your wedding day. Always have people you trust watching out for you.

Now watch this video and learn. Now this innocent bride might end up going from one hospital to the other or one church to the other looking for the fruit of the womb.

I hope they locate that witch and force her to undo whatever she did when she touched her with her evil hand. Thank God for 📹 videos.

God help us.”

In the video, the woman can be seen dancing today the newly wedded couple, obviously not smiling. She moves toward the bride and rubs her belly area for a few seconds and leaves the scene immediately.

Some comments posted on the video thread baffled me.

A Nigerian male Facebook user wrote,

“Just gonna offer another view on this… My opinion ooo. Maybe the woman is a family member just checking to see if her wrapper is properly tied. You know like a bridesmaid would do. Just saying”

Another Nigerian male Facebook user wrote,

“There is absolutely nothing in the video that suggests the woman is evil unless there is a continuation or part two of this video where it is shown that the woman or her touch was diabolic.

We shouldn’t be too quick to condemn people on the strength of our perceptions of them. I see nothing in this video at alll.”

Interestingly, most male commenters saw nothing wrong with the video, but the women who viewed the footage were livid with rage and started a prayer chain for the bride.

Someone then shared this bit of info on the thread…EVIL WOMAN AT BINI WEDDING-SCREENSHOTYet another ‘Doubting Thomas’ Nigerian man wrote,

“This is facebook story without substance. Only two years and they went to confront the lady? Where in Nigeria did that happen?

Two years is not enough to pass a judgment on anyone’s capacity or incapacity to bear children and the story never happened. Am still of the opinion that the lady in this video didn’t do anything that suggests she is evil.”

My prayer for the bride…

“Whatever Jehovah God did not plant in you, I return that juju back to sender in Jesus mighty name. By virtue of the fact that my eyes have seen this video, I stand as a daughter of Zion and pronounce upon you wherever you are there is no divination or enchantment on you.

Your womb is fruitful and fertile. The Lion of the tribe of Judah will roar in the camp of your enemies tonight and throw confusion and misery in their midst.

Merciless angels of your heavenly Father will slay them with the sword because they have attacked the first commandment He gave you, which is “be fruitful and multiply.”

It is well with you roundabout as I fortify my prayer for you in Jesus mighty name, Amen.”

Let’s start a prayer chain for this young bride. I’m not being superstitious. Africa is full of dark magic. Please drop a prayer in the comment section for the bride. Thanks.



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