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VIRAL VIDEO: See The Wonderful Christmas Surprise This Airline Gave Its Passengers

WESTJET MIRACLE 1 (640x359)You guys really need to watch this video. I watched it and it warmed my heart. The “Christmas miracle”  video posted by Canadian airline, WestJet has since gone viral with over 8 million views.

Unsuspecting passengers on recent Calgary-bound WestJet flights were part of  heart-warming stunt, which was put on by more than 150 airline staff.

Prior to their departure from Toronto and Hamilton, WestJet passengers were asked by a virtual Santa Claus what they wanted for Christmas, after scanning their boarding passes at kiosks set up by the airline.

As passengers made their way to Calgary, WestJet staff who recorded all the requests scrambled to buy, wrap, and deliver the presents to Calgary International Airport.

When the planes touched down, passengers waiting for their luggage were in disbelief when instead of bags, they saw the wrapped presents they had asked for coming down the carousel – from socks and underwear, to an android tablet.

Matt Peltier’s two-year-old son, Cohen, had asked for a Thomas the Train set. Cohen got his gift. Peltier had asked for a big screen TV.

And after many of the passengers collected their gifts from the carousel, WestJet staff unveiled a massive box for their grand finale. Peltier told CTV Calgary’s Melissa Carpenter on Tuesday:

“I said ‘if that’s a TV, I’m going to cry.’”

Lo and behold, it was a large, flat screen TV. WestJet vice-president of communications, Richard Bartrem explained the “Christmas miracle” stunt, saying the company will donate flights to the Ronald McDonald Charities once it cracks its goal of 200,000 views. Well, Mr. Bartrem, the video has well surpassed your goal so we are holding you to your word! 🙂

In a similar stunt last year, WestJet organized its first “Christmas miracle” by surprising passengers going from Calgary to Toronto with a flash mob of dancing and singing elves.



Source: CTV News

Photos: via Google



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