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#WASC 1: Read The Gossip Story About Her Marriage That Got Caroline Danjuma Furious

CAROLINE DANJUMA-HUBBYAbeg I give it to some people, they can gossip sha! Mennn…I swear all these hardcore gossip that needs decoding makes my head hurt. 

So I was wondering what might have triggered the sudden outburst from my fine Calabar sister, Caroline Danjuma yesterday when someone nudged me to read this story on Maestro Media Blog. The blogger who wrote the aproko story on September 13 2014,  titled it:


I’ll use this week to post different stories and videos on wives and side chicks (WASC) then round up with an explosive Deevanalysis so watch out!

As Culled From: MaestroMedia

There is a massive war brewing underground, that if it’s left unchecked its most likely going to develop to that which can be compared to the 3rd World War.

As we speak now, the combatants have gone into their trenches and right now all types of manoeuvrings and strategic techniques are been checked out so that each side can predict what the other side can come up with. The cup being fought for is a very wealthy dude, who legends has, has always love them very light complexioned.

The man is enjoying his 3rd or 4th marriage now as we speak. The man’s litany of conquests reads like a virtual who-is-who. From the ex-girlfriend of a rapper/entertainer whose best days seems long gone. This super gorgeous lady, is as beautiful as they come and she claims to be a shoe designer loves showing off her sexy pictures on the social media, and then to a Betty, after that to Folake who was a very well known fashion entrepreneur whose reign at one time was very well celebrated; from running a series of fashion houses (both in Victoria Island, Lagos & Abuja), to running her own celebrity joint, that was before everything suddenly went bust, after a massive fiasco.

 Just imagine it, that this lady’s younger sibling is married to her former lover’s son in a marriage that might go bust anytime soon. The list is endless, but we would stop here for now!!! The wife in question, is as beautiful as they come, a gorgeous damsel on all counts, who used to be involved in the make believe world until, she got married close to a decade ago and was apparently advised to stop her involvement in that klieg world.

She’s also a mother many times over and is even currently quite heavy, but that not withstanding this has not affected her beauty. So one does not understand the reason her husband cannot stop playing the away game (philandering)!!! She too some years back faced some major accusation of infidelity, which led to some major backlash and the shutting down of her then thriving brand.

The well preferred mistress, who seems to be the heartbeat and gem of this super rich dude is not a Nigerian in anyway, but she shuttles between her country of origin and here, where she runs several businesses. One of the businesses she’s involved in as we speak involves much creativity in the world of the likes of Armani, Versace etc…. Her growing reputation is awesome.

Apart from the fact that she’s an avowed fashionista, who is always up to date, she’s always courted by the super rich dudes and she’s always at all the most exclusive events. The lady has been dating her married prince charming now for at least 4 years for her. And this past few years has been extraordinary on all counts.

Her accounts has been bolstered in ways and manner she never envisaged, what about super expensive gifts of all kind, like the ….&…… Is that all? She even gets to travel to some of the most exotic places of the world in super luxury and more. Their last trip to London had the lovers holed up in one of the most iconic hotels in the UK, where several thousands of Pounds were spent at………..for….. When in Lagos, one of their hideouts is that very exclusive hotel connected to California in Ikoyi, Lagos.

All these fun and enjoyment to the detriment of the man’s young wife’s happiness oooooo!!!! It’s not as if madam doesn’t know what’s up oooo at all, she does, but she’s been so brainwashed that she’s been told she’s probably hallucinating. Madam and girlfriend we hear have clashed a few times. Whenever the main madam is not at home, the other madam comes in and is the unrivalled lady of the manor. 

This man is not the only dude in this young lady’s life oooooo according to unconfirmed gist, we hear a former DG of a Government parastatal in the Niger Delta-TA used to reign supreme, so also a now inconsequential married footballer- YA, who now plies his trade in far east Asia. All these just to mention a few, for you to count with her, you must be very well heeled.

Who is this very rich or better still fantastically wealthy Prince Charming, that is the man for all seasons causing major problem? He is none other than, MD, who supposedly owns the biggest house, in the biggest compound somewhere in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria. He is the younger sibling of another humongously rich brother, who is a business colossus!!! Fashionwise, he loves Billionaire Couture & Angelo Gallaso to a fault. Madam from all indication is hell bent on exposing and shaming her nemesis for all to see, but she needs evidence.

If there’s any doubt at all, about what we have stated here, we have pictures which we would publish to support our story if need be, in our next write-up.  



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  1. Its crazy how a woman can be a 4th wife to a man and expect him to be faithful.was he faithful with his first before he ended up with you the 4th?smh

  2. You lose them same way you get them.

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