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“WE FROM LIBERIA, WE DONT DO THAT SH*T!!” Old African Man Warns White Gay Man

LIBERIAN BABA-1These two men really cracked me up, just watching them.

The video opens with the tall white man pranking the old African man about going on a date with him. When the African realises it was a prank, he laughs it off but not without telling him about his African views on gay relationships.

Old Baba told the White guy:

“I’m from West Africa…I’m from Liberia. In Liberia, we don’t do that sh*t.”

The adorable-looking white man listens attentively, trying to make sense of Old Baba’s tradition. Baba explains to him that back in Liberia, their tribal chiefs tell them they can marry as many women as they want on condition that they treat all the women right and take good care of them.

Baba says in his community, when men come of age, they are taken into the forest for manhood initiations. They are also instructed never to sleep with men…only women. So when a man is caught sleeping with another man, they are taken into the forest and they never come back, and nobody talks about it anymore.

The white man misunderstood, thinking Baba meant men sneaked into the forest to have sex, but Baba tells him, “listen!” and explains again.

When White Guy finally gets it, he tells Baba: “But this is California though…we can still date right?”

Baba then goes on to give him a short sermon of how God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah for homosexual sins. Then White Guy asks Baba, “Can we go get some girls then?” Baba says, “Ehen!” (means, you got it now!)

And both men walk away happily. It’s good to see how two different people can understand and appreciate their opposing views on the same subject…without hatred or discrimination. And I love Baba even more for standing for his beliefs.

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