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GOOD FRIDAYI used to be in a relationship with a dude I was mega crazy about. He was tall, dark and handsome and he was extremely romantic and so into me.

Whenever I was with him, I kinda got the feeling I was in a Bollywood movie; you know holding hands, laughing a lot, walks in the park, flowers, lots of kissing…stuff like that. He gave me so much happiness just being around him that I swore he’d be the last man I’d ever date. I desired so much to keep him forever.

He was a Christian as far as I knew…but I thought of him as the ‘weird kind’. Like Jehovah’s Witness weird or Deeper Life weird. We talked about God and Jesus a lot. In our discussions I always found his ideologies a bit off but not totally unacceptable.GOOD FRIDAY-1For example, he asked me one day my most preferred way of worshipping God. Did I like the quiet, sober and reverential meditation in a serene atmosphere, or did I prefer the noisy, body vibrating and loud clapping methods of the modern Pentecostal churches?

I remember telling him my birth church (evangelical orthodox) sang hymns and choir songs with tonic solfa notes and didn’t care so much for noisy worship. And now as an adult, I gyrate often to modern choir music in my Pentecostal church. I couldn’t say which I preferred since worship is stirred by spiritual inspiration according to the mood one was in at the time.

Then he asked me if I believed in reincarnation. I told him I’ve often wondered about it as something tells me there is some truth to certain stories about reincarnation I’ve heard, although the bible did not elaborate on this subject enough to make a Christian come to a solid conclusion.

He went on to tell me how reincarnation is COMPULSORY for every human being who is not living an earthly life worthy of eternal life in Paradise. He explained that we needed to do good deeds to make our spirit as light as a feather; light enough to float away into paradise. And if we are found wanting in any way (living in sin or doing evil) we’ll be condemned to keep living a mortal life until we get it right.

“So life is kind of like an exam right?…you fail and keep repeating until you pass the test?” I asked.

“Exactly!” he responded, glad that I finally got it.

Hmmm…I pondered. It makes a lot of sense though, even though the bible clearly states that it is appointed for a man to die once, after which comes The Judgment. I told him that logically speaking, I personally would not fancy reincarnation for myself if I had the choice. Because there was nothing on earth that held such a powerful attraction for me to keep returning multiple times. People are evil. Wickedness thrives. There are wars. People kill, maim, kidnap, rape and destroy innocent lives. There was so much hunger and poverty, sickness and cancers; hustling and too much hard work to make wealth…not to mention monthly periods and PMS. “No!”, I shook my head. “After now, I’m done with life on earth”, I said.

He was so happy I said that because he interpreted it as me coming to the highest awareness that would project me to the highest realm in the universe. At the time, I sincerely fancied his ideologies and I began to learn more about this new faith as he eagerly urged me on to study the manual.

GOOD FRIDAY-2He gave me the full compendium in three volumes to read. It was titled, ‘The Message.’ I struggled so hard to complete volume one; which was mostly abstract stuff about man’s quest on earth. I remember telling him the stuff was soooo boring and he urged me to read on, that volume two was mainly about the bible and Jesus which I would love to read very much.

Then one day, he invited me to attend one of their religious conference. The speaker pretty much recapped most of the things Boyfriend had been discussing with me earlier. The audience was mainly made up of university students and one of the students asked the speaker a crucial question that eventually saved my life. This was the question:

“I heard you people [Grail Message] do not believe that Jesus Christ died and rose on the third day.

I hear you guys believe the disciples of Jesus stole his body and lied to His followers that he had risen; a lie formulated by the Jewish Sanhedrin and Roman government of that time to conceal the truth about the Resurrection.

Is this true?”

Now, my boyfriend never told me his faith contained this very important clause. This came as a big shock to me…scratch that…a deadly thunderbolt. I was more than eager to find out the answer the speaker would give. And so, I turned in his direction, waiting for his response with baited breath.

The speaker began to explain how it was scientifically impossible for a mortal to die and resurrect again. He based his reason on the fact that there was a huge difference between the earthly flesh and the new bodies people possess when they are translated through death. As such, he concluded that it was not possible for Jesus to have resurrected. Therefore, His disciples actually stole His body and made up the lie we all believe today as true…He is risen.

“So how can man make heaven?” The student asked the speaker….since Christians believe the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ guarantees them salvation and eventual access into heaven?

“By living an earthly life filled with good deeds,” the speaker replied. That way when you die and your soul is weighed in judgment, it becomes light as a feather; transcending you upwards into paradise and preventing you from reincarnating.

In one moment, I watched the grail messenger slay Good Friday and annihilate Easter. I watched them dash the hopes of FREE salvation, mercy, forgiveness and the hope of eternal life through Christ.

“What was I doing here?” I wondered as shivers ran through my spine. At that moment, I realised that if it was left for me to work out my own salvation and redemption through my ‘good deeds’, I’d never be found worthy. I fornicated, watched porn, cussed, envied, lied and would sometimes bear a grudge. How much good deeds was required of me to cancel all these crimes from the heavenly criminal records? I would never be found worthy. So I’d have to keep coming back to earth as a baby. Learn everything…sit, crawl, stand, walk, run, eat, attend school, chase boys (or girls if I come as a boy). What if I return as a mouse or an helpless animal or a bug?

As these thoughts ran through my head, I suddenly realised the gravity of what Jesus did on the Cross that fateful Friday. He knew we would never be worthy on our own. He bore our sins, our griefs and our sorrows. He took the pain and torture on our behalf and made salvation as easy as ‘believe and it is yours.’

I never knew how easy I had such a wondrous love until I was faced with a more impossible alternative. Tears rolled down my eyes. My heart was filled with new and unspeakable love for Jesus. His death and Resurrection was never a lie. I’ve had so many encounters and experiences with the Master ever since I was a kid…so many times had my spirit testified with His spirit that He was the Lord. So many times I’ve seen demons and challenges bow to Jesus.

They got the wrong girl. I smiled because I knew the truth and the truth had set me free. I picked up my purse and bounced majestically out of that hall like a true daughter of Zion. Not today, not ever will I exchange my free salvation for such hard work.

I broke up with the guy. Let’s just say being in an intimate relationship with a guy who thinks Jesus’ body was stolen and He never rose was a major turn off.

Let nothing ever separate you from the love of Christ.

Happy Good Friday. It is finished!!!!GOOD FRIDAY-CV


Written By: Peace Ben Williams


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