What This Fulani Man Posted On Facebook Should Get Him Arrested, But His Tribe Is ‘Above The Law’


auwal-1For years, men marauding as Fulani herdsmen have attacked harmless farming communities in the middle belt, and southern parts of Nigeria, killing innocent men women and children. They burn down entire villages and rip pregnant women open, yet there has been no definite legal action by the federal government of Nigeria to bring them to book.

Unconfirmed reports claim they’re bold enough to carry out these attacks and killings without fear of arrest or reprisal because President Muhammadu Buhari is their tribesman.

While some Nigerians condemn these attacks and killings one Nigerian named Auwal Usman Sharau wrote on Facebook,

“I was disappointed with fulanis, they only attacked eight villages, i didn’t see many bachamas corpses, i hope they are going to attack again, and the corpses is only in hundreds, i want to see thousands of bachamas [dead] bodies, i pray fulanis would attack before xmas, kill them and burn their houses.”

An Igbo man who goes by the name, Nwadede Declan Ifeanyi on Twitter took a screenshot of Sharau’s hate post and tweeted it writing,

“Auwal Usman Sharau is that Fulani man who either is participating physically or is committing his money to the killings of Bachamas #Adamawa”

A first glance at Sharau’s post incites fury, but after digging into the history of the Bachamas and the Fulanis, one may tend to understand why he is spewing such hatred. There has been an ongoing war between the Fulani and Bachama tribes for a while now over territorial ownership. In November, it was reported that about 150 Bachama militia invaded a Fulani settlement in Numan, killing at least 45 women and children, not before burning down their settlement. According to reports, Bachama youths had earlier given the Fulani herdsmen a warning to vacate their territory, the attacks came after the Fulanis failed to heed this warning.

But take a look at these photos, this is what happened to the Fulanis after they failed to heed the Bachama warnings…courtesy Daily NigerianBachama-attack-1 Bachama-attack-2 Bachama-attack-3 Bachama-attack-3 Bachama-attack-4 Bachama-attack-5 Bachama-attack-6 Bachama-attack-7These photos are so heartbreaking. Seeing helpless babies so brutally murdered would indeed prompt any Fulani like Sharau, to say what he said. The Fulanis themselves have committed even worse atrocities on other tribes and it seems like there is no end to this vicious cycle of violence.

The truth is helpless women and children have always remained the constant victims of such violence and spewing hate speech on social media can never be the answer to this problem that needs urgent attention.

I implore the Federal Government to set up a special squad to first of all protect vulnerable tribes prone to these attacks and reprisal attacks. Investigations should be carried out to solve the problems of territorial invasion. What’s happening to the grazing bill? Can grazing territories be carved out for herdsmen to avoid them encroaching people’s lands?

Nigerians, stop fueling killings through hate speech.


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