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What To Do If You’re Still Single On St. Valentine’s Day

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I am not a child any more, but I am still very excited about St. Valentine’s Day. I remember how I used to count the days and hours until somebody gives me a Valentine card. Those memories and feelings are so powerful that they can take off the effect of weariness that usually comes at cold time of the year. Besides, there is no time for sorrow when I have so much things to do like decorating my home, buying presents and planning a festive menu.

Some of my friends who experienced a painful breakup and are single now on the Valentine’s Day wish it to be over as soon as possible. The single status makes them feel uncomfortable and reminds that something important is missing in their life. It is not surprise that all online dating sites report increase in users and messages during this holiday. Single people take their chances to find a compatible partner to celebrate this cozy holiday together. If your attempts were not successful or you are not willing to log on some free local dating site, read on about these self-care tips that will help you to return peace to your inner world and happily celebrate St. Valentine’s Day.VALENTINE-SINGLE-2

* Do not dwell on your aloneness

Fortunately, our life is multi-sided. It means we have friends and family members besides partners. They love us just the way we are and we love them too. Though, often we are short of time during the year to remind them how we appreciate them. Let’s agree that some quick phone calls do not count. Now when you have long holidays why not to make up for lost time and immerse yourself in a cozy family atmosphere. Shopping with your mom or sibling, decorating home together or just playing with your nephews will have a healing effect on you. Friends are another source of high spirits. Parties and any other activities with them will make feel comfortable and not alone.

* Help others

There are a lot of people around us who are worse off than you and they need help. Instead of lying on the couch, feeling sorry for yourself and eating junk food to comfort yourself, just think of others whom you can help. Those people maybe just your friends who asked you several times to sit their baby, or older people in your district who has nobody to spend holiday with. Join a volunteer organization and you’ll forget your loneliness because you’ll get so many smiles and thankful words for your care.

* Enjoy your freedom

Freedom is the flip side of being alone. You still have time and opportunity to make your dreams come true. There’s nothing holding you back. You can pick any country on the map, pack your luggage and set out on a journey. Or you may wish to take a dance class, act the part in a local community theatre, or have a voice training. In other words, it is time to accomplish everything you want, broaden the scope of your personality and enjoy life!



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