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What Tuface Idibia & Wife Annie’s Marriage Has Taught Me

TUFACE-ANNIE-HELLO2face Idibia and his wife Annie flaunt their love on this month’s cover of Hello Nigeria magazine.

In this edition, the Nigerian superstar singer spoke on why he chose Annie. He said:

“I couldn’t explain the way I felt for Annie but I knew she was the one. She made me happy. and I know I will regret it if I let her go, so I decided to man up and make her my wife.”

I just feel like saying this because so many women end up not getting married and blaming God for it because they are waiting for that perfect man which doesn’t exist.TUFACE-ANNIE-HELLO-2Tuface is one Nigerian celebrity with the highest number of baby mamas. At some point, it looked like he had no intention of putting a stop to having so many babies out of wedlock. He also painted a picture of a confused young man as he kept going round his baby mamas to knock them up a second time and didn’t seem to know which of the baby mamas to settle for.

At a time, Tubaba was the butt of jokes by stand-up comedians. But thank God he made the right choice. As tiny as Annie may look from the outside, she has proven to be a woman of incredible strength. Gradually, subtly, lovingly and prayerfully she has been able to tame her husband’s excesses and unveiled the beauty of his soul for the world to see.TUFACE-ANNIE-BABY MAMASIt is hard work but this is one helluva job that is well worth it. Now every woman wants a man like Annie’s forgetting that this couple who’ve been in the eye of the media have succeeded in polishing each other’s souls through love and patience.

Their love has paid off. Not every love story is a fairytale. Most times, God gives you an empty book and a pen. The choice to make your story a happy ending or a tragedy is yours.TUFACE-ANNIE-HELLO-CV



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