What’s Wrong With Janet Jackson’s Face? [MY DEEVANALYSIS]


A new appearance: Eighties pop icon Janet Jackson's face looked different when she attended a Vogue event in Dubai on FridayAbsolutely nothing is wrong is her face!

Some news sites are reporting that Janet Jackson may have had a facelift because she looks very different from how she looked the last time she was photographed which was two years ago in France, when she walked the carpet of an AIDS event in a cut-out white gown that accentuated her trim figure.

Reports say the 48-year-old sister of the late King Of Pop, Michael Jackson looked was nearly unrecognizable as she attended a Vogue Fashion event in Dubai on Friday. These new photos show her having a puffier face and severely arched eyebrows. They also said she may have had more nose work done.

My Deevanalysis

I don’t see any sign of cosmetic surgery done on Janet’s face. The lady just looks like she added some weight. Take a look at the hairstyle again.

We ladies know that when we pull our hair into a tight ponytail it gives our eyes a catty slant effect. That could be the case here. The arched eyebrow can be easily achieved with an eye pencil.

In all I think Janet looks great for a 48 year old. What do you think?

Hiding in the crowd: The Why Did I Get Married? actress had several men around her trying to keep fans at bay as two female women in gowns looked on

Wonderful in white: The Escapade singer was stunning with her signature smile and dimples at an AIDS event in France in 2012

Photos: DailyMail UK


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