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Whitney Houston’s Daughter, Bobbi Kristina is Engaged!

Engaged: Bobbi Kristina Brown is allegedly engaged to her brother-turned-boyfriend Nick Gordon

In August Bobbi Kristina Brown was given a ring by her brother-turned-boyfriend Nick Gordon.

The giant sapphire stone surrounded by diamonds which Bobbi wore on her ring finger sparked rumours of an engagement, which the couple denied claiming the ring was just a gift.

But footage taken from the 19-year-old’s reality show, entitled The Houstons: On Our Own, has allegedly confirmed that she is in fact engaged to Gordon.

According to reports on E!Online about the exclusive video clip, Bobbi, daughter of late singer Whitney Houston, shocks her family when she tells them of her plans to wed Nick.

The website claim that Bobbi announces the news as she laughs, saying: ‘We’re engaged!’

The ring: Nick gave Bobbi the giant sapphire stone ring in August but claimed it was a gift

The Sapphire Ring

In another trailer for the Lifetime show, family members of the Houston clan are seen worrying over Bobbi’s relationship with Nick.

During the clip Gary Houston, Whitney’ brother, appears to disapprove of their bond, as he has a heated discussion with Gordon.

He says: ‘No one knew that from a godson you would turn into a boyfriend. No one knew that.’

With the 22-year-old stating: ‘The family has me out to be a bad person.’

Bobbi, I hear is determined to make her family accept her blossoming romance, as she stubbornly insists: ‘They want to see us fail. We won’t.’





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