Who is Really the Man-Snatcher: Nkiru Sylvanus or Oge Okoye?…The True Story


OGE OKOYE-NKIRU SYLVANUSYou know, it’s really pathetic how warped the mentality of the average Nigerian is when it comes to complicated love triangles. You hear phrases like ‘husband snatcher’, ‘this girl snatched my husband’ and so on. Then you see the public tongue-lash the ‘offending woman’ and nobody even remembers there was a so-called snatched man in the picture.

These men that are being snatched sef, let me ask…are they toys or rag dolls that some random woman would just snatch them out of a secure relationship so easily without any resistance from the man? Nigerian women open your eyes, you are the problem not the men. As long as you keep going after the ‘snatchers’ and not the ‘snatchee’, you’ll continue to fan your man’s ego and give him a free rein to keep going after other women. Let’s face it, everyone including yourself loves when their lover fights over them. For the men, it makes them feel important and validates them in a sense.

Try putting your men on a leach so they don’t go haywire. The leach I’m talking about isn’t ‘kop no mi’ (love portion), being bossy or nagging or generally making yourself a nuisance. It is about knowing who your man is (understanding him), giving him what he wants (pleasure) and respecting his space. It’s not that hard is it? As for their roaming eyes…only one thing to do. The battle is on your knees.

Your union was blessed and approved by God, yet when it encounters challenges you feel the solution is physical? Why do you think it is called ‘Holy Matrimony’? Has there ever been anything like physical holiness? Jesus called the Pharisees hypocrites and “whited sephulcres” because there were practicing physical holiness. Holiness starts from your spirit. If your spirit is holy, everything sinful and worldly becomes disgusting to you. That is why you as the woman must sanctify your marriage  constantly with prayers. It is the language of the spirit; the weapon of authority that both powers of darkness and of light recognise. You can design exactly how you want your home to be and the course your relationship with your man will take by praying.

It may seem like prayers don’t work but after a time…having worked on the physical leach I talked about, you’ll see that your man will feel no other woman gets him like you do and will decide to settle for nothing less.

The love triangle involving Nkiru Sylvanus and Oge Okoye is very unfortunate, and in a way I blame the man in the middle, Stanley Duru more than anyone else. He is the man you all should be having for breakfast because he is playing with the hearts of two ladies. The true story has emerged as to how both pretty Nollywood actresses got entangled in this mess.

A source from Nkiru’s family exclusively told Y! Naija:

“It is funny how the media is blaming Nkiru when it is actually a complicated affair. Oge and Nkiru used to be close friends, they met Stanley at the same time in Enugu in 2006.

Nkiru and Stanley fell in love and Oge the back stabber, knew this yet somehow she sheepishly let Stanley impregnate her. Nkiru was hurt but she let go of the love of her life for a friend, she didn’t want her to be put to shame and mocked for having a child out of wedlock. So, Oge Okoye and Stanley Duru moved to Amsterdam and got married.

Of course a dog will always return to its vomit, after having their first son, Oge cheated on Stanley with a friend of his and he paid her back by dating one Dutch lady, Barbara with whom he now has a child, Uchechi, but let’s leave that story for another time.

They somehow reconciled and she took in again and delivered a baby girl in 2010 but they officially parted ways in 2012, you media people didn’t know that, did you?

On realizing they were both single again, Nkiru and Stanley reconnected and they regretted letting each other go. They got really close after Nkiru escaped from the kidnappers’ den.

On the postponed wedding, the source said:

“They have done the family introduction already. They were actually planning a secret wedding for December 27 but it has been postponed, they didn’t plan for the news to get out, so that changed everything”.

When asked why the wedding was postponed, the source declined and said

“That’s how much information I can give my dear, Nkiru’s media people are working on a press statement already, everything you need to know will be revealed there”

Contrary to reports that actress Oge Okoye is devaastated with the development, the source claimed otherwise.

“She is not furious, she is not devastated at all. She and Stanley parted ways since and she has moved on. Moreover she has no reason to be hurt, after all she snatched Stanley from my cousin first.”

Nkiru’s cousin’s last statement is very typical like I mentioned earlier. Do women really have the power to snatch a man? Who is to blame in this case? Is it Nkiru, Oge or Stanley? Your thoughts please.


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