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Who Will Meghan Markle Have To Curtsey To Among The Royal Family Women?

Who does Meghan Markle have to curtsey to?For women, the whole dip-and-bob business is a social minefield: To whom do they curtsey and from whom should they expect a curtsey?

When should they do it? How often?

Naturally, she will have to curtsey in front of the Queen (top left). A curtsey to Princess Anne? (top second left) Yes. She’s the daughter of the Sovereign. But Anne’s daughter Zara Phillips (top second right) will never get a dip from Meghan.

Meghan will never have to bob before Princess Michael (top right). She will curtsey to Camilla (bottom left) without Harry, but not with him. Does she curtsey to her sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge (bottom second left)? Yes.

Eugenie and Beatrice (bottom second right) will also get a curtsey, unless Harry is around. She doesn’t need to with Sophie Wessex (bottom right), except if Prince Edward, Sophie’s husband, is in the room.


Source: MailOnline



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