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Why Alleged Nyanya Bomber Was Cleared

OGWUCHE-IN-COURT-IN-ABUJA-600x512There was an uproar on Monday, when Aminu Ogwuche was cleared by an Abuja high court.

Ogwuche, a suspected Boko Haram member, is accused by the Nigerian government of being behind the April 2014 bomb blast at the Nyanya Motor Park…an attack which occurred during morning peak hours as residents were hurrying to work.

The government said Mr. Ogwuche fled to Sudan after coordinating the attack. He was later repatriated to Nigeria to face charges.

The Nigerian police had filed a two-count charge against Mr. Ogwuche, but the case could not proceed due to bickering between the police and the State Security Service, SSS.

At the resumed hearing Monday, the prosecution counsel was absent from court, so the judge ruled saying:

“This criminal charge is hereby struck out for want of diligent prosecution by the complainant, Inspector General of Police and his prosecutor.”

The judge did not however order Mr. Ogwuche’s release, an indication the state could file fresh charges against him. But Mr. Ogwuche has already challenged his continued detention, asking the court to compel the SSS to release him or charge him anew.

On Monday, the judge also granted an oral application by his lawyer, Ahmed Raji, to allow Mr. Ogwuche’s family members visit him. The judge ordered that two family members, and three attorneys from Mr. Raji’s chamber, be allowed to see the suspected bomber.

The application on his continued detention will be heard December 5.




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