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Why Does The Devil In 'The Bible' Look Exactly Like President Obama?

Spooky: Viewers noted the Devil from the History Channel series 'The Bible' Satan looks similar to President Barack Obama

The History Channel aired an episode of their hit series called ‘The Bible’ on Sunday evening. Viewers noticed that the character who played Satan, bore a remarkable resemblance to President Obama.

Twitter exploded into life as people tweeted about the programme which is produced by one Mark Burnett. They noted the striking similarities between the 44th President and the devil played by  actor, Mehdi Ouzaani.

The show has seen a surprise hit in the ratings, with the religious mini-series attracting 13.1 million viewers on Wednesday – topping television leviathan American Idol’s 12.8 million viewers on Wednesday. Click below to see more photos…

The miniseries’ popularity is somewhat of a mystery. For one, the drama wasn’t a hit with television critics, receiving a mediocre score of 44 on the Metacritic site.

Some time ago, a character in Games of Thrones, beheaded& impaled on a stick bore an uncanny resemblance to US president George W. Bush. HBO later apologised on behalf of the producers and withdrew the DVDs from the market.

It remains to be seen whether this particular presidential mishap will create a similar backlash against the wildly popular mini-series.

Right-wing radio host and commentator Glenn Beck was one of the first to point out the uncanny likeness of Mehdi Ouazzani to the 44th President of the United States

The popular religious show has become a surprise hit of the winter/spring schedule and viewers on Sunday night took to Twitter to express their shock at the similarities of the two men

The resemblance between Moroccan actor Mehdi Ouazzani (left) and President Obama left some viewers of 'The Bible' taking to Twitter to express their amazement

Source: DailyMail UK


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