Why I Think Nigerian Blogger, TatafoNaija May Not Make A Suitable Husband For Linda Ikeji


LINDA IKEJI-TATAFONAIJA-XI recently read an interview which a Nigerian blogger, called Tatafonaija had with Good Life Magazine reporter, Mary Stopes.

The male blogger, whose real name is Belema Meshack-Hart, spoke on his passion for blogging and the name Tatafonaija. But it was his wish to marry Nigeria’s richest blogger, Linda Ikeji, that caught my eye. Read excerpts…

Mary Stopes: Can you tell me a bit of yourself?

Tatafonaija: Thanks Mary, my name is Belema, I am from Rivers State, I studied Mechanical Engineering at the prestigious University of Port-Harcourt, but now am a blogger and prefer to be called Tatafonaija, thanks

Mary Stopes: Why Tatafonaija?

Tatafonaija: Because that is my brand now, that is how I want to be known and seen, sounds funny but that’s me.

Mary Stopes: Who inspired you to start blogging?

Tatafonaija: Linda Ikeji

Mary Stopes: How?

Tatafonaija: I came across her blog, loved it, heard she is making money, said I want to make money too, if you look at my blog it is modeled after hers.

Mary Stopes: Are you making money from your blog now?

Tatafonaija: Yes, but not as much as Linda, I hope to some day soon.

Mary Stopes: How much do you make monthly?

Tatafonaija: Mary, you know lots of people will read this, i cant say how much, but for now i make enough to pay my bills.

Mary Stopes: Lets get into your personal life, are you married?

Tatafonaija: Am not married Mary, but some time soon.

Mary Stopes: Any one in mind?

Tatafonaija: Yes o, Linda Ikeji, I really admire her a lot and I know I am the right man for her, I want to be there for her and show her love like she has never known, true and real love, mark my word Mary, I will marry Linda Ikeji.


I must confess this is one of the most hilarious interviews I’ve read in recent times, I just kept laughing and laughing. I’m very sure Mr. Meshack-Hart, must have also meant it as a light-hearted joke, because who announces such intentions to marry a lady just like that without even hearing from the lady  if she is attracted to him in the first place?

Before I tell you why I’m giving Mr. Meshack-Hart the thumbs down, let me start with some thumbs up for him. He looks good in his suit although I don’t care so much for how his tie looks. He also looks confident. Then I really admire him for being frank. We don’t find this quality in many Nigerians these days. He said he entered the blogging industry just to “make money like Linda Ikeji”. Straight up! For that he gets a big thumbs up from from me.

Now, to the thumbs down. It’s all about the money.  Blogging is a very tedious job that takes up all your spare time. We lose hours of sleep, some of us lose even more, like our social life. To even be recognised as a blogger, you must have to be extremely hardworking. This much Mr. Meshack-Hart even acknowledged in the later part of this interview, when he told Mary Stopes:

“Blogging is hard work, nothing good comes easy, when people are asleep you are awake, reading and researching for good stuff online.

It takes at least 3 months of consistent blogging to know if you are called to be a blogger, and one more thing, you will always need that extra to make your ordinary efforts, extra ordinary, for me that extra is God, i advice the same for others.”

Therefore, if Linda is the most successful blogger in the country, you can then imagine the amount of hard work she has put in. If I’m told to assess the level of hard work she has put in, I’d say very hard. The last thing this lady deserves is a man who is attaching himself to her success as a springboard to launch his own fame and success and then defining it as love with the boast:

“Mark my word Mary, I will marry Linda Ikeji.”

This is the mentality that forces our young single girls to recoil into their shells, rather than manifesting their full potentials as wealthy entrepreneurs and business moguls. Rather than being celebrated, they are tongue-lashed for making so money as a single lady. I heard my fair share of contrrasting views on Linda’s newly-acquired 2014 Range Rover Sports.  If it was a single guy who bought it, you’ll hear something like:

“Thank God oo…John don hammer!”

But if it’s a single girl, you’ll hear things like:

“You sure say no be Aristo give am?”

“This girl na proper ashewo!”

“Who wan marry this kin girl na, as she don get money pass her husband?”

I totally understand why Linda’s Dad didn’t permit her all the while, to buy such an expensive car. It’s because of Criticism No. 3.” I know so because I have a younger sister, slightly younger than Linda who is the CEO of her own successful company. The pressure to downplay her level of success is much so as not to shy away eligible suitors. My Dad is a very liberal thinker, but sometimes he’s scared for his daughter because our society isn’t mature enough mentally, to accept such young, powerful single women for who they are.

Then you find men like Mr. Meshack-Hart making such offers, thinking they are doing such ladies a huge favour. No they’re not! Real men who can forsee the true beauty of their souls…beyond the wealth, power and fame…to ask for their precious hand in marriage will come. The beauty of their souls will outlast physical beauty or fame and any man who recognises that is their one true love.

So Linda, wait for that man. He’s out there. And when you do, you’ll discover that it was worth the wait. Keep doing what you do best. And that goes for all the single financially independent ladies too. Never sell yourselves short. Never apologise for who you are!


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  1. tina says:

    Hmmm,he can actually marry Linda Ikeji o!You can’t be too sure he won’t.He’s clearly a wannabe but who knows whether he hasn’t gotten the gree light already?this one he’s saying “mark my words”? #Lips sealed/watching#

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