Why Omoni Oboli Was Trending Throughout This Week On Social Media…My Deevanalysis


OMONI OBOLI 1Ehen, I’ve finally put one big egg in my mouth that I can’t swallow and that is Omoni Oboli‘s ‘scandalous’ Presidential Villa dress.

Oh how I avoided this topic, but a number of pweebers have contacted me, insisting they want my deevanalysis on this. Nigerian actress, Omoni Oboli trended twice this week; one was good, the other not so good. I’ll start with the good.

The beloved actress featured on the cover of In Style Motherhod Magazine with her three handsome soldiers. All three boy agree that their mommy is the ‘Coolest Mum Ever’ and I totally agree. Being a mother of 3 active kids, juggling that with a busy acting career and coming out of it looking like an unwrapped gift package deserves hailing from me and any mum who’s walked down that road. And oh, by the way, I love her natural hair.

Check out how she looks in the amber coloured dress, below. That’s how she was styled for the magazine shoot. But sadly, my sister fell my hand at her dress choice for the private screening of her movie “Being Mrs Elliot” at the Presidential Banquet Hall – in the Presidential Villa with President Goodluck Jonathan, VP Namadi Sambo and other dignitaries present.

OMONI OBOLI 2OMONI OBOLI -BLUE DRESSThe beautiful actress wore an embellished azure blue dress that had a very clear express way around the chest region. What’s worse? She was papped at a terrible angle and she came under heavy criticism as this photo of her in a handshake with Prez Jonathan went viral.

OMONI OBOLI 7Looking at the dress from the front, it’s not as bad as it looked in the viral photo, nevertheless, it wasn’t an appropriate dress to wear to the Presidential Villa; especially with the roaming eyes of those lusty politicians. In an interview with Tribune, when asked if she felt the dress was appropriate, Omoni said:

“Yes, I felt so. Because there was really no vital part showing if you saw the pictures online. And another thing is that the angles that a picture was taken can portray certain things that was not there.”

So if the dress was so appropriate, why was there so mush criticism? To this question the actress responded:

“Actually, you should know that a lot of people are bitter. When people are bitter they try to look for negative things in every positive thing. It is unfortunate that we are in the limelight, because if someone else wore that dressing no one would say a word.

It is because of these responses, I decided to do this deevanalysis. Celebrities should stop this ‘people are bitter’ excuse for misbehaviour. It’s becoming so overrated. What is bad is bad, period. Being in the limelight puts you out there as an automatic role model, whether you like it or not. I as a women have been starring at the dress and wondering how she plastered her breasts so far apart. It’s a very distracting dress even for  men whose business there was to view a movie. On a Nollywood red carpet event, it may have been appropriate but certainly not to see Mr. President.

When I checked out Emmy Collins‘ Blog this morning, he posted a photo of Angelina Jolie visiting President Barack Obama. Ms. Jolie is one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood but look how she dressed to see her president.

Where was First Lady, Mama Peace sef? I’m surprised she didn’t hala that her famous hala…………………..you know it, so fill in the balnks…Lol!Obama-Zana-Angie-2012



Photo Credit: Omoni Oboli on Instagram


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