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'GF sent me to get makeup' http://imgur.com/gallery/b2zzv

Why Women Should NEVER Send A Man To Buy Makeup

The 26-year-old man, known only as Blufiz, has shared the conversation with his girlfriend after she sent him on a mission to buy her 'light bright matte lipstick' as well as fake eyelashes, dry shampoo and an energy drink

A man has shared an excruciating exchange showing exactly what happened when his girlfriend sent him to buy her make-up.

The 26-year-old, known only as Blufiz and believed to be from the US, shared every detail of their text conversation on Imgur to prove quite how baffling the language of cosmetics is to the uninitiated.

His post – that chronicles his desperate attempts to navigate everything from matte lipstick to dry shampoo and false eyelashes – has been viewed almost 170,000 times in two days.MAKEUP-BOYFRIEND-2The hopeful girlfriend also asks him to pick up a false eyelash kit, an applicator, glue, an energy drink, and some dry shampoo.

As her partner makes his way down the make-up aisle, his apologetic girlfriend – who is presumably at home – texts him to say: ‘I told myself I wouldn’t ask you to do stuff anymore. And this is complicated. I should of went (sic).’'That looks like nail polish': Imgur user Blufiz falls at the first hurdle when he confuses nail polish with lipstick'Someone ate this one': The boyfriend is baffled by the concept of a tester tube, before finding an intact oneFooling around: When asked to smear a bit of lipstick on his hand, Blufiz draws an intricate cartoon dinosaurThe hapless boyfriend is completely bamboozled by the contents of the false eyelashes aisle




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