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Why You’re Not Losing Weight On The Ketogenic Diet

weight-1So you have been on this lifestyle for a while and you feel you are not losing weight?

These are some of the reasons why this may be so.

1. Your Carbs intake is too high- you need to stay under 20gm carbs to be in Ketosis.

2. You have not included Coconut oil in your diet-Coconut Oil consists of medium chain triglycerides (MCT) that are easily digestible, less likely to be stored in the body and used for immediate energy. Eating Coconut oil daily will
help you get into Ketosis fast.

3. Protein is too low. Protein helps to keep you satiated. If you eat less protein, you feel more hungry and then eat more.

4. Protein is too high. The body will still convert excess protein to gycogen which disrupts Ketosis. Your protein intake should be moderate.

5. Cheating with Carbs- constant cheating will not allow you enter Ketosis.

6. Eating too many low carb treats- Almond bread, Coconut bread, low carb yoghurt…all these are nice but in moderation. You can do this once a week…other times, stick to Eggs, Meat, Fats, Chicken, Soups and Veggies.

7. Snacking on Nuts. Nuts are a good way to over-eat your daily carb allowance especially cashew nuts and Peanuts. Eat Nuts sparingly till you get to maintenance.

8. Too much Dairy. Dairy (cheese, whipping cream etc) are calorie-dense foods…eat them in
small amounts.

9. Close to target weight. The closer you are to your target weight, the slower your weight loss

10. Female Hormones at work. Fluctuations in weight can occur in women especially at the time
of the month due to water retention. It usually goes away in a few days.

11. Stress- Stress makes the body release ‘Cortisol’ which makes the body store fat and
weight loss becomes more difficult. This holiday, relax Sweetie, take a vacation, sleep in…do
whatever just de-stress.

12. Lack of Sleep.- You need to sleep for at least 7-9 hours each night. Maximum fat loss is achieved when u sleep well.

13. Too much exercise- This also leads to the release of ‘Cortisol’ and you know what happens when Cortisol is released. Stick to moderate exercise eg: walking.

14. You are obsessed about the scale. You spend too much time weighing yourself …always remember that you are loosing fat even when your weight stays the same. Use tapes and old clothes to measure this and stop jumping on that scale!

15. Sugar free Foods are laden with artificial sweeteners that still spike insulin levels. When Insulin is raised your body cannot burn fat. Want to Chew that sugar-free gum? think again…

16. You are still scared of eating High Fat. This is a high fat lifestyle..ditch those low-fat products asap. Also remember your Fat macro should be highest on your plate. Fat keeps you fuller for longer meaning you eat less and less each day.

17. Lastly, If you have tried all the above and still no results. then you may need to include IF (Intermittent fasting). Stop eating by 8pm each day and resume eating by noon next day.

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