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Wife Blasts Husband’s ‘Sweetheart’ On Facebook…Her Husband’s Response Will Shock You

wife-side-chick-789x438A woman who is reportedly in the habit of chasing away her hubby’s female friends met a woman who wasn’t moved by her tactics, and to make it more shocking, when they moved the drama to Facebook, the husband’s response to her inquiry was totally unbelievable.

Read below…

A man was celebrating his birthday , so he posted his pictures on Facebook and people started wishing him happy birthday, a young lady commented, “happy birthday sweetheart”.

The man’s wife posted, underneath the ladies comment,”What the heck was that on my husbands pictures?”

The young lady was unapologetic. “Take your stupidity somewhere else. I would have thrown you outside if I want!” She retorted.

Wifey then tagged her husband saying, “Honey what is the meaning of this?”

Hubby responded, “She is your fellow woman, take out your frustration on her, do you think she is like other women you do scare away? If you think I will caution anybody this time then you must be joking?”

Okay now, what was that about?????????

So over to you now Pweebers, which of the three people was wrong? Wifey, Side Chick or Hubby? Cos this is some crazy shii going on right here.

Should the wife have seen another woman refer to her as ‘sweetheart’ and turned a blind eye? As for the side chick, something is given her guts. It’s either strong weed or she’s got pussy power (PP).

How do you suggest this matter would have been handled?

Lets discuss.



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