Will Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo Ever End Her Beef With Linda Ikeji? [My #Deevanalysis]


KOO-LINDA-570X500A few days ago, Kemi Omololu Olunloyo tweeted a poll asking Nigerians whom they’d love to see her end a beef with.

Among the journalist and social critic’s list popped up four choices , Linda Ikeji – celebrity blogger; All Nigerian youth, Government officials and Pastor Enoch Adeboye – General Overseer RCCG.

KOO tweeted:

“I want to END some BEEFS before 2017. Who should I end a beef with? lolz. RT this poll and I will end that BEEF u want me to in 24hrs…”koo-beef-tweet

41% (including myself) voted “Linda Ikeji”

15% voted “All Nigerian Youth”

6% voted “Government Officials” and

38% voted “Pastor Adeboye”koo-beef-tweet-3Kemi links the origin of her beef with Linda to two major factors:

(a) Linda ruined the impeding marriage of her cousin, Deola Olunloyo with popular radio guy, Dan Foster.

(b) Linda posted a photo of Kemi holding some firearms on her blog. Linda captioned her post: “Kemi Olunloyo’s Warning To Bloggers”. Then she posted a statement that Kemi allegedly made:

“It’s true #BLOGGERS! I owned 5 #Guns in #America. They were legal and we are allowed to kill intruders! On the rumour going around, its no rumour, those guns entered Ng via my container.

I carry SigSauers around for my protection. I got at least two at all times so that if I need back up (Cowboys and Indians) I can continue shooting my attacker.

This is a country where we have NO emergency First responder system in place (911 and 999),  Kidnappers, Ritualists and no credible police. I’m UNTOUCHABLE! 2 shots I’ll send you UP to see Tupac, Princess Diana and Michael Jackson. All armed robbers in Ibadan always stay home when I go out!
Protect yourself!
I still got the SECOND Amendment
My kid’s American


Kemi claimed she did not make that statement, rather the photo of her posing with a gun was taken to be used as part of her awareness campaign to end gun violence. However, reliable sources from Linda camp, maintained that Kemi was in fact the one who emailed the statement to Linda to post on her blog. When an argument ensued between the two media women on Twitter, Linda vowed never to blog any news about Kemi again, a promise she has kept until this day.

On Linda’s birthday this September 19, Kemi sent her a skin-cringing caustic birthday message, where she said the blogger was lying about her age. Kemi said Linda’s true age was 42 and not 35 like she claims. Now, she’s telling everyone who cares to listen that Linda Ikeji Social aka LIS is a fraud and a scam.

Now, I was sincerely hoping that this month…after Kemi tweeted the poll…was going to see an end to the pointless feud between the two ladies. However, it seems Kemi has no plans of giving this beef a permanent break.

In my next deevanalysis, I shall explain why I feel this beef should end and why I never want want to be caught in between this feud or any other social media feud for that matter.


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  1. Elendu's Girl-pickin says:

    Looking forward to reading your analysis. This kain fight/beef wey no dey end. smh

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