#WisdomWednesday|DEEVA PROSE: It Takes Two Part 2 – The Female Culprit

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I once met a woman who made all the escapades of our men folk seem like child’s play. Gina is truly every husband’s worst nightmare. According to her, she was nineteen when she met her husband who was thirty four. He was the first man in her life. She got pregnant by him and despite her father’s insistence that the man was too old for her; she still went ahead and married him.

They’ve been married for twenty years. Over time, the man retired from his job and became a stay-at-home pensioner. She no longer became attracted to him. He was almost always broke and his prowess in bed was diminishing with age. It was just at that time that Gina decided to go back to school. She had spent almost all her youth raising three kids; two of which were now attending university. She felt it was only deserving that she improved herself education-wise.

So she dusted her WAEC certificate and sought for admission in the university. It was on campus that she met Nnamdi and developed an obsessive relationship with him; which left her doing things that were left imagined than told. On campus, Gina saw much younger girls, well dressed with glamorous hairstyles and perfectly done manicure. Then she suddenly realised how many years had gone by with her wearing frumpy dresses at home as a full time housewife; with too many bad hair days than she could count. She recalled how unkempt she kept her nails because it was no use keeping a pretty manicure when it’ll be ruined by all the scrubbing and washing of house chores.

Marriage had stolen her youth! The realisation hit her like a thunderbolt. She didn’t know what it felt like to have a first love. She didn’t get the chance to experience what it meant to sit at the university campus love garden with a boyfriend. When she got back home after lectures, Elvis her husband would be sitting on the couch wearing a white singlet and tying an African print loin cloth. His reading glasses would be perched on the bridge of this nose and he’d be reading a newspaper. This sight irritated her much.

“Daddy, good evening,” she’d greet him. How did she get to calling him that? She wondered. Back then, she felt it was a sign of respect to address her husband as ‘Daddy’ but now it just sounded gross compared to how couples on campus addressed each other as ‘Baby’.

“Ehen, Gina welcome.’ How was school today?

“Fine.” That would be all until she served dinner where there’ll talk a little more before going to bed.

Nnamdi her coursemate, was almost half her age. He didn’t hide the fact that he was attracted to much older women. He wooed and charmed her. The attention fed her voraciously hungry appetite. Despite being a lay reader in the Catholic church and an active member of the church women’s group, she couldn’t help but flirt back.

She followed him home from school after lectures one day. In Nnamdi’s one room condo, she had the most invigorating sex she had ever experienced. The young man in all his vigour; sucked, licked and kissed her entire body. By the time he went in, she kept having one explosive orgasm over another. Her frenzied wriggling, screams and moans triggered an obsessive desire in Nnamdi to have her over and over again.

Her lover was comfortably introduced to her husband as ‘the course mate who was helping her with tutorials’. Little did Elvis know that the tutorials were not on her university courses but of another kind. He welcomed Nnamdi to his home with open arms and saw him as a son. This gave Nnamdi the ticket to freely visit her in her matrimonial home.

There was one night, Nnamdi wanted her so badly. He sneaked into her house at 11:50pm and had sex with her in her guest room. Nnamdi had suggested that the possibility of them getting caught was the thrill he needed to achieve sexual satiety. She found the idea exciting and they did that for a while.

Then on another night, Nnamdi called her on phone at 3am. He told her about a new fantasy he had of her leaving her matrimonial home at an ungodly hour, just to sleep with him.

“You’re crazy!” She said. “How do you expect me to pull that off?”

“Babes, get creative. I know you can think of something. I’ll keep calling until I see you by my side.”

She turned to look at Elvis who was snoring softly beside her. “Jesus!” She screamed suddenly, pretending to awake from a nightmare.

“My dear, what is it?” Her visibly shaken husband asked.

“It can never happen! I reject it in Jesus name!” She continued her shameful performance.

“Please my dear, tell me what it is,” her husband asked again.

“Daddy, I had a bad dream. I dreamt that you died…in short, not you…your enemy.”

“God forbid!” Elvis interjected. “Abeg go to sleep, God won’t let it happen.

“Which sleep?” She retorted. That’s the problem with you men. God has revealed something, instead of you to pray and cancel it, you’re saying we should sleep!”

“Okay, let’s pray then”, Elvis got out of bed and knelt down hoping his wife would join him.

Mba ooo! I must go to church for this prayer. Please come and drop me in church let me pray. From there, I’ll join the first mass.”

“Church by this time?! Gina it’s 3:45am!”

“Daddy, I’m not ready to be a widow now. Who will help me train these children?” She burst into tears, wiping her face with her ankara wrapper. “I need to be in church…I must go to church.” She sobbed.

Elvis dropped her at the church. Nnamdi was already waiting for her near the church. As soon as her husband drove off, she ran over and hugged her lover, laughing at how she had fooled him.

When I asked her if she’d felt no pang of guilt whatsoever, she said her husband was sixty four and too old to keep up with her sexual desires. So why didn’t she do the math before marrying him? She was very much aware of the huge age difference when she agreed to marry him; or didn’t she realise a time like this would come?

Article Written By: Peace Ben Williams.

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