#WisdomWednesday|DEEVA PROSE: “The Most High” [PART 1]


SATANA good friend of mine stumbled upon a post on Facebook. It got her so furious that she couldn’t sleep that night. She felt she hadn’t proven her love for the Almighty enough because she didn’t comment on the post. She felt she should have talked some sense to the author of the post. She refrained to do so because she was afraid her words wouldn’t have been too civil; judging from the fact that she was extremely upset at the time.

She shared the post with me and a few other friends of ours, to see if we shared the same sentiments with her. In her opinion, this post was quite blasphemous and made a total mockery of God Almighty.

When she shared the post in our chat group, I discovered interestingly that our interpretations of this statement were so varied and diverse. Some saw the joke in it, others saw the blasphemy in it and more saw the moral in it. This was the controversial post:

“No matter how much weed the devil smokes, he can never be the most high.”

After reading the post, I felt its author was fully aware of the fact that the devil was thrown out of heaven because he thought he could be equal with God, which in the author’s opinion is pure madness. Even I, have wondered many times what could have given Lucifer such a crazy idea. We also know that weed smoking is associated with hallucinations and madness. Perhaps this explains the reason for the author’s metaphoric statement that Lucifer must have been high on something to even think he could ever measure up to God Almighty.

I do not see this statement as a blasphemy. Rather, I see the pun and metaphor in it. It’s an intelligent and creative play on words by the author to stimulate someone to think about how great the Almighty is. The lesser minds would see the ‘joke’ in it and laugh and forget about it. The greater minds would be stimulated to ponder on it further.

I’ve come to realize that most of the western world are totally lost in terms of religion, faith and beliefs; especially as it pertains to Christianity. So many times, I’ve struggled to reason with them. They’ve banned praying in their elementary/high schools. Majority of them do not know that Christmas is a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus. They think it’s about a fat, bearded guy who kits himself in red and white, drops gifts down the chimney and lives on the North Pole. Worst of all, they think Easter is about the Bunny and the eggs. Someone has to be extremely creative with words to evangelize to a people as stiff-necked as these.

I once saw a post on twitter which read:

“My son told me to read him a fairy tale as his bedtime story, so I read him the bible.”

Go figure! I watch “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and in it, you hear them, especially Khloe say “Bible!” anytime she wants to buttress the sincerity of her statement. Yet her mom is an ‘ordained minister’ who should know better about swearing unnecessarily.

For a fact, I know that when people do things which are abnormally stupid, Americans would say, “Are you high on crack or something?” or “Are you high on weed or something?” We Nigerians would say, “Abi you smoke igbo? “(weed).

In my opinion, I think the joke’s actually at satan’s expense, not God’s. It was abnormally stupid of him to think he could ever measure up to God. I also sampled the opinions of a few friends to see how they interpreted the ‘weed post’. This is what they had to say:

Enobong: “Lol! The devil and I don’t cross paths, so I wouldn’t know what his weed does to him that would make him think of being the most high.”

Ruth:  “No matter what the devil does or how hard he tries, he is no match for God.”

Chidi:  “Our God does not take weed, yet He’s the Most High. It’s not blasphemous in any way. How could it be? Someone with a demonic possession would try to interpret it by saying that it implies our God smokes weed to get high; and that no matter how much weed the devil smokes, he can’t be as high as our God. It’s a two-faced kind of thing. It could be seen as a ploy of the devil to make a mockery of our God. This has biblical implications since we’ll give an account of every word; no matter how flimsy or careless. Then again, God looks at intention rather than form. In that light, if our intention is not to make a mockery of our God; provided we understand that the Highness of our God isn’t related to weed, then we are free indeed. But are we really free indeed? Now you think about it.”

Itoro:  “It simply means God is the Most High.”

Nadine: “They’re trying to say our God smokes Weed?!!”

Drew:  “Amen!!”

Caleb: “The devil can never measure up to God.”

Kiuzee: “Hahahahahahahaha! It’s a tight statement.”

Ehis:  “Hahahaha!! I never knew the devil smokes Weed? Rasta men like Bob Marley would want to believe that only Jah’s children smoke ganja.”

Ufuoma: “God is the Most High. The devil can never be the Most High.”

You add your own definition. What do you think it meant?

No matter what we say, think or do, God Almighty is the Most High. He is awesome and His name is to be feared.


Article Written By: Peace Ben Williams.

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