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Talking about blasphemy, I want to elaborate on that post I once read from a twitter handle infamous for posting very rude tweets. The post which said:

“My son told me one night to read him a fairytale for a bedtime story, so I read him the bible.”

My first reaction when I read it was rage; pure red rage. I moved to post a comment about it, but then hesitated; because my comment at that time would not have been intelligent due to the fact that I wasn’t thinking straight from my anger. So I decided against commenting and allow my anger simmer down.

In simmering mode, I began to ponder on that statement. My rage gradually translated to pity and then sadness. Why would any right thinking person see the Holy Bible as a fairytale? Does this notion really tell how much our society has degraded, or is it because they feel that they’ve been ‘emancipated’ from some religious hogwash?

God seems to be so far away because so much evil has overtaken the world. If you want to be mega depressed today, it’s very simple: turn on the news. You’ll see newborn babies abandoned by gutters, thrown in public toilets, forests and rivers. You’ll see men beating up and mutilating their wives…mothers of their children. You’ll see evil-looking men caught with human body parts. They’ll tell you a human skull goes for N20,000 ($118) and a human tongue for much less. You’ll hear of people being kidnapped and killed or kidnapped with their vital organs stolen and sold in the black market for organ transplant. You’ll hear of wars; helpless women and children slaughtered mercilessly. You’ll hear of terrorist threats and attacks. You’ll hear so much that even I have been forced to ask the question burning in everyone mind:

“Where is God???”

In medieval times, the church was revered. It was seen as a sacred place of worship, a place of solitude, a place where you were protected and granted asylum. Like every precious gift given to man, politics must always come to play. The church soon became a tool for exercising power and dominion over weaker men. Religion was used as a political tool to permeate the innermost recesses of man, controlling his thoughts and actions with doctrines and dogmas. What you believe in or worshipped now determined how successful a man would be or what influential clique he’d be admitted into.

Like it is typical with the human race, something inside of man has always resisted and fought against oppression. This fight against oppression; in this case religious oppression could be seen in both positive and negative light. I’ll start with the negative…

King Henry VIII of England was married to Catherine of Aragon, a noble woman of Spanish origin. She bore him one daughter Mary. Henry wanted a male heir so badly that he devised means of divorcing his wife and marrying his mistress, Anne Boleyn. Only he was Roman Catholic, his religion and kingly position didn’t support divorce. So he broke away from the Roman Catholic faith to found the Church of England…what we now know in Africa as the Anglican Church. He also promised his priests that they could marry unlike the Catholic priests whose religion bound them to be celibate. Henry became the first man to found what we commonly know today as the Protestant Church…inspired by greed for a male heir and drunk for power and religious autonomy.

After that we had other notable early day reformists like Martin Luther, John Calvin and others who broke away from the Catholic Church to begin the protestant movement. For atheists watching the history of religion and Christianity unfold, what would you honestly think his impression would be?

As man drew farther from God and embraced more of religious doctrines and dogmas, God also grew farther away from them [James Chapter 4 verse 8]. We forget one important thing; and that is as humans, God gave us  the gift of WILLPOWER and SELF-WILL. This means we have that self-discipline which enables us to do something despite the difficulties involved and the stubborn determination to hold on to our personal views and behaviour.

God didn’t create robots he programs; he created “gods”. If he wanted to control us in that manner, he wouldn’t have given us brains and a spirit to understand what Willpower and Self-Will meant. We would all have been walking around in zombie mode, mind-controlled by our great creator. When he gave the laws to Moses on Mount Sinai, the laws were to serve as a guide for healthy and successful living on earth. Every manufacturer has a blueprint for all his creation, so why not God? The laws…the bible was HIS BLUEPRINT for us. Everything went wrong when Man started  letting the law rule them instead of living by the law.

We got it all wrong. So God sent Jesus to remind us that we were focusing on religion instead of a RELATIONSHIP with the father. Jesus made it clear that he came to tear down the barriers, the dogmas, the mentality of the time and the mental slavery man had found himself in. His teachings were quite unconventional for that era and so they plotted against him and killed him. Since then Man has still refused the message of Christ and gone after those idols which enslave them.

Who is a Christian? Someone who is like Christ right? How many Christians have you seen lately? I don’t mean those who go to church on Sunday just to show off their newly bought clothes. Not those ones who swim in wealth and say ‘it is well’ to their brothers wallowing in poverty when they know a little help from their purse would have gone a long way to change someone’s life to become better. No, I’m not talking about that brother or sister who gives others that holier-than-thou look…condemning a person with just one look or snide remark. What about that guy or babe who worships his head pastor more than he/she worships God. “Papa!”, “Mama” they screamed whenever their pastors mount the podium; their eyes totally focused on the preacher…waiting anxiously for a prophesy or a vision to come from them. I’m not saying don’t respect men or women of God. But ask yourselves this, am I showing them respect or am I idolising them? David said:

“I will lift up mine eyes to the hills from whence cometh my help? My help cometh from the Lord; the maker of heaven and earth.”

-Psalm chapter 121, verse 1-2.

Where do you lift your eyes to for help? Your church Papa or Mama? That friend you hang out with at the pub? Your Facebook friends? Twitter and Instagram followers? That boy or girl you want to like you at school? Everyone is lifting their eyes to everything but God these days, yet we wonder why He’s so far away and His words have become a fairytale…lacking power.

THE BIBLE IS NOT A FAIRYTALE…IT’S OUR BLUEPRINT FOR SURVIVAL ON EARTH. If we don’t see it that way, it’s like a Ferrari thinking it could be a Toyota. It’s because we’re not reading or believing in God’s Word, that’s why so many things are going wrong. Have you ever read 2Timothy chapter 3, verse 5? Part of it says:

“Having a form of godliness but denying its power thereof…”

This means that man has a form of godliness, but denies the power from where he came. It also means we have what it takes to be godly and good but we refuse to let God’s power change us.

For us who call ourselves born again Christians, children of God and children of Light, the greatest tool of evangelism for us will be OUR CHARACTER…how we live our lives and what impression we make on people who meet us.

Perhaps through living and manifesting the Word; which is the power of God living and active in us, those who think the bible is a fairytale would embrace it as their personal blueprint to know who they are and how they came to be.


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