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Woman Quits Job Rather Than Issue Gay Marriage Licence In The US

LINDA BARNETTELinda Barnette has issued marriage licenses in Grenada County, Missisipi for 24yrs. On Tuesday June 30th, she resigned rather than issue gay marriage licenses, writing in her letter of resignation.

Barnette told a Fox News reporter:

“I choose to obey God rather than man. I am a follower of Christ and I believe strongly that the Bible is my final authority. The Bible teaches that a marriage is to be between a man and a woman. Therefore, because of the recent ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court, I can no longer fulfill my duties as Circuit Clerk and issue marriage licenses to same sex couples.

I told my supervisors a while back if it happened, I would tender my resignation. I had already decided in my heart that I could not issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. It’s my Christian belief. As a follower of Christ, I could not do it. The Bible teaches it is contrary to His plan.”



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  1. isaac anang-mensah

    I really like Linda Barbnette’s demonstration of love to God, by resigning from her office for the Lord sake than to be associated with this appalling, disgusting and nauseous life style. People who claim to be the Lord’s are compromising in the name of something called ‘ Right ‘. God hate this thing, for they that indulge in that clearly show that they hate God, because they do contrary to His precept, and let it be known that He will one day judge by His Son.

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