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Woman Sues Hospital After Anesthesiologist Put Moustache And Teardrop STICKERS On Her Face ‘As A Joke’ During Surgery


Culled From: DailyMail UK

A woman undergoing a minor surgery at a Southern California hospital was shocked to discover that her anaesthesiologist decorated her face with stickers while she was unconscious and then had a nurse text her a photo of his handiwork.

According to a lawsuit filed by the patient, Veronica Valdez, during an operation on her finger at Torrance Memorial Medical Centre in October 2011, Dr. Patrick Yang used stickers to give her a black moustache and tear drops under her left eye.

A nurse’s aide then used a cell phone to snap a picture of Valdez, 36, looking like ‘a male member of a street gang,’ according to the court filings cited by ABC7.

Miss Valdez worked at the hospital for 13 years before the surgery and was ‘friendly’ with the anaesthesiologist and staff present in the operating room that day.

The hospital called the incident a breach of professionalism and said in a statement that it demonstrated poor judgment on the part of the doctor and the nurse’s aide borne out of their familiarity with the patient, according to the Los Angeles Times. 

Dr Yang said in a deposition that he cut out and coloured the stickers, and then placed them on Valdez’s face near the end of the hour-long procedure. He said:

‘I thought she would think this is funny and she would appreciate it.’

The Daily Breeze reported that when Yang was asked if he was bored at the time, he responded that he simply thought that his then-colleague ‘would get a kick out of it.’

Nursing attendant Patricia Gomez took Valdez’s photo at Yang’s request. Gomez testified in her deposition that she didn’t email or post the photo anywhere, and deleted it after showing it to Valdez. In court documents, Valdez said:

‘I felt violated. I was in shock.’

Others testified in depositions about seeing a surgery photo of Valdez posted on Facebook. In court filings, lawyers for the hospital said there was no evidence the photo was published online.

Do you think, Dr. Yang and Nurse Gomez went too far?



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