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Woman Who Caught Her Husband Red-Handed In Bed With Another Woman Posts A Video About It On Facebook…You Won’t Believe What Happened Next [WATCH THE VIDEO]

VENGEFUL WIFE-PICHello Pweebers, hope you had a nice weekend?

I stumbled upon this disturbing video on Facebook. It’s about this woman (pictured above) who gives her name as Gwyneth Ndera. Her accent wasn’t very clear so I hope I spelt her name correctly. She said she lives at No. 49 Carrington Road, High Wickham, Buckinghamshire, England and is married to a man named Byron Matere Ndera and they have three kids.

She returned to her home one night and caught her husband, in bed with another a woman! When she confronted him with who the woman was, Byron said the strange woman was a “child minder.” Gwyneth ordered the woman to leave her house but Byron insisted that the woman who gave her name as Agnes Muzimba must stay.

The woman called the police who were at first reluctant to meddle into a domestic issue but were finally compelled to visit her residence after she had gone crazy throwing things at Agnes and Byron and calling the police a third time.

The woman eventually left, but Byron according to Gwyneth, went to the Mental Health Service to report that she was a lunatic and needed immediate mental attention. So she made the video because she was going to be forcefully admitted in a mental facility few hours later. The video was to appeal to the public about her ill treatment and to prove she was sane.

Now these are my observations/questions judging from what this woman said in her 9:25mins video…

  •  90% of married women (including myself) would have gone beserk after catching their husbands red-handed in bed with another woman in their MATRIMONIAL HOME. The madness would have been compounded and lasted for days, after the man gave the excuse of the woman not leaving because she’s a child minder hired to mind his children.
  • 85% of these women (including myself again) would have used their pestles, 6-inch stiletto heels, or any kitchen weapon on the cheating pair.
  • So does that make her mad?…as in cray-cray mad?

Some men on Facebook argue that there’s more to this woman’s story than meets the eye because she said she didn’t want to tell the police the truth about catching her husband in bed with another woman so as not to disgrace him but put up a 9min video on Facebook to announce his cheating??? One guy said this on Facebook about this video:

I am convinced there is more going on here than the lady is trying to make us believe. The UK systems that I know and have been part of for 20 years do not work like she wants people to believe – they are more biased in favour of women especially when kids are involved. The fact that this woman’s mental health state is being assessed by relevant authorities says a lot as husbands no longer have the power to just make it happen just like that – that stopped many many decades ago.

Even going over what the woman has said, I am of the opinion that she is not as stable as she wants people to believe. For example, to give all her contact details (including her home and work addresses) on social media for all sorts (including paedophiles) to know puts her family (especially her kids) at risk. This woman strikes me as a very angry person that is ready to say and do anything (including things that are not to the best interest of her kids) to punish her husband. In my own view, I would say that at best she is ill and needs help. At worst she is a calculating and vindictive woman ready to do or say anything to get her husband in trouble. These things do happen!
Remember that she did not tell the police that she caught her husband red-handed supposedly because she was embarrassed about it; yet it was easy for her to tell the whole world the same thing in her video. Don’t you think there is something wrong with that?
I’ve analysed this story from a woman’s point of view, I also share what I thought to be a solid analysis from a male point of view. So watch the video and tell us if you feel this woman is indeed crazy. Her narration sounded very intelligent to me, though. Unfortunately, I cannot find any information on her, either on Facebook or the web. I’m still investigating. I shall bring you updates on this story when I get new facts.
Watch the video…

To read an update on this story, click HERE



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