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Worshippers Mock President Goodluck Jonathan

Christian worshippers at the National Christian Centre in Abuja today mocked and laughed at President Goodluck Jonathan when he described his government as second only to the United States of America in its commitment to fighting corruption.

The President was speaking during the church service, where his ministers, advisers, women organisations, political apologists, chairmen of commissions, and former Heads of State Yakubu Gowon and Olusegun Obasanjo were in attendance.

He said:

“Our commitment to the fight against corruption is second to that of America’s commitment. We are very committed to it and everybody knows.”

As soon as he said this, members of the congregation looked at him incredulously and began to chuckle and laugh, as if they had just heard the punch line to a new joke.

But his appointees and friends tried to save the moment by clapping. It was unclear whether they were clapping for the joke, or in cheers, but a senior member of the government who spoke anonymously to This Day correspondent after the service, said Jonathan was merely deceiving himself.

“Who does not know that this government is weak when it comes to fighting corruption? I think Jonathan is deceiving himself and not Nigerians,” he said smiling.



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  1. All honest Nigerians are wondering what pushed our ever smilling president to box himself into such a tight corner of un-reality concerning Nigerian corruption. Looks like the State house has totaly insulated Mr President from the reality of this traumatic country which he rules. All the political apologists who surround him day/night will do evrything to present to the president the white-washed Nigeria without letting him know that corruption in Nigeria stinks to high heavens and that is why nothing works here despite the trillions of naira budgeted every year for capital projects. Nigeria, we hail thee with thy abundant resources, hard working populace, wonderful climate, fertile soil but corruption has taken over all aspects of our national life hence majority of the inhabitants are languising in “hell on earth” despite all these God given resources.

  2. Hmm God help Jonathan, pls I honestly do not know, but is there no way he can feel the pulse of the masses and truly assess the performance of his government cabinet team? Without having to rely on the political apologist and members of his cabinet for information?
    Abeg how is this done in other countries?

  3. The difference is that in democratic countries, the representatives of the people who feel the pulse of the people are elected through free/fair voting but in our country they are selected to represent ONLY themselves and their political godfathers. These selected people are afraid and unwilling to reveal to Mr President the true state of affairs. Looks like our leaders are too busy to take even a cursory look into our daily papers/magazines hence they would have gotten just a glimpse of the trauma Nigerians are going through continously. Lets hope and pray.

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