Yay! Peace Ben Williams Blog is 2 Years Old Today…How It All Began

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PBWB-3RD ANNIVERSARYI can’t believe Peace Ben Williams Blog is two years old, today…it feels like I’ve been blogging forever.

It feels so good to see how much God has enabled me to achieve in so short a time. I actually had to go back to my archives to double-check how old this blog is.

I’ve always had a passion for storytelling and writing. At the same time, I’ve always felt people who had a drop of greatness in them were those who wanted to use their god-given talents to positively impact on society.

For me, I was content with just visiting my favourite Nigerian blogs until June 3rd, 2012 when a Dana Airline aircraft crashed killing over 153 people on board and at least 10 people on the ground. There have been plane crashes before then; all very sad and heart-wrenching. But this one really hit closest to home.

Perhaps, it was because it happened at a time the use of social media was at it’s peak. Graphic photos and videos went viral for all to see. We saw old men weeping for their children…whole families wiped out. Or maybe because it was an Abuja-Lagos flight and as an Abuja resident, I knew most of the victims through mutual friends we shared.

I remember bawling helplessly as I watched the news. Dang! Ehime Aikhomu was on that plane. As a bachelor who lived in my generation, some girls…including me sometimes…were content crushing on him. All that cuteness and great personality, gone in a second with hundreds of other precious souls.

I felt I needed a forum to talk about the ills in today’s society; especially when it was proven that this disaster could have been averted if some people in authority were diligent in their jobs.

Just as I pondered on the possibilities of writing publicly, a brother also brought up the idea and helped facilitate it. Thus, this blog was born. I remember my first post like it was yesterday. It was about the death of hollywood actor, Michael Clark Duncan. The second post was the Diva of the Day which happened to be Beyonce because her birthday falls on September 4.

As time went on, I improved on my faltering steps. Looking back today, it’s interesting to see how far this journey has brought me. I can tell you for free that blogging is a crazy job. Prepare to lose your good night’s sleep and social life. My passion for it is my only drive. I’ve planted and waiting for God to water these delicate seeds.

Without further ado, I’d like to mention a few names of people that helped shape this blog. These people either helped to improve the blog’s standard, it’s high readership and public acceptance or they just encouraged this vision with prayers and moral boosting counsel.


  • Ben Oshionameh Williams. For being a strong financial backbone and pillar of support.
  • Sunday Udo. If I had 3 morale boosters as consistent as you, the sky would be my launching pad. Thank you.
  • Blessing Udo. Your prayers and praise for my work takes over a week for my swollen head to return to normal. I love you.
  • Chineze Agweye. A friend closer than a sister you are. How can I ever thank you? Much love.
  • Tina Canice Beshel. My Tinana, one and only unadulterated. What would I do without you?
  • Eka Archibong. My grammar queen and proof reader and co-analyzer. You rock!
  • Adams Okon Umoh. You are one of my most consistent readers and supporter. When rewards for PBWB comes, you’re sure to be top on the list. Thank you, Sir.
  • Ifeanyi Gbemudu. It’s amazing how we’ve grown to become family. God used you to wipe shame from my face. The best technical manager, I could ever wish for. Bless you. This guy is responsible for the fantastic look of this blog.
  • Primrose Obata Dodo. We’ve never met but I feel like I have a blood sister, somewhere. When I wanted to give up, you said “No”. As a blogger herself, this lady encourages my blog when other bloggers would look at me as competition. I value you. Visit her blog- Poddesk Blog.
  • Mimi Atedze. Another blogger I respect. She owns FabMimi Blog but supports mine as well. Shoutout, babe!
  • Iyabo Onuwaje. My California love. Thank you for your support.
  • Melissa my darling blogger in Germany. I appreciate you.
  • JoJo on Twitter. Thanks a million for your consistent visits.
  • Tobore Adakaraza. Though we fell out, I still and always will acknowledge your input.
  • Austyn Ustyno on Twitter. Thank you for your support brother.
  • Diamond Akpanika. You told me I “write like a dream”. One of the best things I ever heard anyone say about my work.
  • Evelyn Tatie. Impressive analysis from you.
  • Grace Udo Ogbobine. Sister of life. You too much!
  • Itoro Udo. Itoro the Casa International! Thanks for your immense support.
  • Andrew Udo. Your hailings nor get part two! I hail right back.
  • Caleb Williams. My link sharer…thanks dude.
  • Bernadine Williams. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas.
  • Japheth Omojuwa. You remain an inspiration. Thanks for letting God use you.
  • Eric Udosen. Thanks for choosing my blog.
  • George Obote. You are an inspiration, always. I value you.
  • Emem Udosen. A mentor indeed you are. Thank you.
  • Idongesit Nwabueze. Thank you dear.
  • Nene Udensi. Thank you, hun.


I can’t name everyone. Please scroll down. If you see your face, know that Peace Ben Williams Blog recognizes you as a star contributor to its success. More collages are coming up. So keep refreshing and dropping your congratulatory messages. God bless. THANK YOU, EVERYONE.

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8 thoughts on “Yay! Peace Ben Williams Blog is 2 Years Old Today…How It All Began”

  1. Congrats Peace, greater heights ahead. May this beautiful blog of yours open amazing doors for you from now on.

    1. Peace says:

      Thank you, Graciemama. Thanks for visiting my blog and wishing me well. Stay blessed.

  2. Awww.my sweetie Deeva.Love u and ur blog pieces.Two years/counting.am dancing here.thanks for your consistency honey.the sky is just a springboard for you to sail higher.love you honey#Team PBW blog#all the way.

  3. Diamond Akpanika says:

    Thanks for who you are. You work so hard, yet you look so radiant. You make hard work seem like a sport. We dwell in your intellect and refresh ourselves with your spicy, up to date and generally correct gist and tips. What about those prompt, ear- to-the-ground insights that we bolt down in approving guzzle. We celebrate you, Peace!
    What is the next level? Lead us there. Na follow follow we dey.

  4. Sunday Udo says:

    A very big congrats for keeping the flag flying consistently for the past two years.
    Ur quality message delivery is always captivating. u have put in lots of positive efforts and burnt ur mid night oil to bring ur blog to this current standard.
    The reading world is hoping , waiting and expecting more to come.
    I trust ur diligence, focus and determination to give nothing but the BEST. Once again, Congrats.

  5. Chineze says:

    Congrats dearie. ((( hugs))) speechless!!! all I am doing is smiling with tears in my eyes. Thank God for how far PBW blog has come. It can only get better. # let’s go there.

  6. Kemi Filani says:

    Whoooooop! Way to go Peace! Totally love your blog 😉
    Kemi Filani

    1. Peace says:

      Hey Kemi, thank you so much, girl. I appreciate. By the way, Why don’t you reply my Facebook messages?

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