Yoruba Actress, Funke Adesiyan Is A Bush Meat…Here’s Why [MY DEEVANALYSIS]

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FUNKE ADESIYAN-672X500This is Yoruba actress, Funke Adesiyan…very pretty woman, but she just pissed me off!

Before today, Adesiyan who ran for a seat at the Oyo State House of Assembly earlier this year and lost, never rung a bell in my head. So maybe it’s a good thing that she’s heated up some controversy.

So Funke’s friend and fellow actress, Bimbo Thomas shared this Miami vacation photo of her wearing a swimsuit on her Instagram page and attracted some nasty blog comments from readers who said she was too fat to be in a swimsuit. By the way people, what did you expect her to wear swimming…iro, buba and gele? Mtchewww!!!

Funke rose in defence of her friend who was body shamed…which is not a bad thing to do. But then in the process, she ended up calling out actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde‘s look to the Elite Model Grand Finale last week, where she rocked a black crop top and matching high waist pants by Nigerian designer Wanni Fuga…and also ended up doing what she was criticizing others of doing…body shaming Omotola.

Now that’s some real bad hypocrisy!

Funke wrote…


“I’ve read different blogs call my babe @iambimbothomas different names for wearing a swimsuit to a beach! We Nigerians especially Yoruba people are hypocrites.

If an individual is going to the pool or beach, will she wear AGBADA or what?

I’m confused! Omotola jalaade, a mother of four! Wore a crop top, a style she should have left to her daughter and hypocrites hailed her as stunning. what could be more inappropriate?

We will do better by being real. Real time, real people. Bimbo is a beautiful person inside out. Sometimes her level of confidence almost intimidate me (believe me, not many people can intimidate me). Leave celebrities alone. We are humans too.

We deserve every bit of happiness that comes our way. As for me, I make myself happy irrespective of how that make people feel.

I’m me and very original at it. Bimbo pls rock on and post more amazing pictures from your holiday. I know u sabi jaiye. *wink”

OMOTOLA-CROP TOP-1Omotola (left) and her teenage daughter Meraiah Ekeinde, 18 (right) both wearing crop tops

OMOTOLA-CROP TOP-2Omotola looking hot in her crop topBIMBO THOMAS-648x500Funke’s friend, Bimbo Thomas who looks very fabulous by the way. Ironically, Bimbo is also wearing a crop top! 🙂

MY DEEVANALYSISFirst of all, Funke’s ideology of a female age limit for wearing a crop top is stupid, and she is a sorry hypocrite. Where exactly did she get that ideology from?

Omotola is 37. She started having babies at 18 and that makes her old? Some of Omosexy’s mates aren’t even married, talk less of having kids. So why should she be banned from wearing crop tops if she has the body for it? She looks pretty good in that outfit as far as I can tell so why must she be body shamed to boost the esteem of Funke’s friend?

Forgive my heading, but I just really had to call this Funke woman out. I’m all for women edifying and cheering on each other. Women, we should be each other’s biggest cheerleaders but each day I read of one woman putting another down by saying or writing something nasty in public. Funke should have defended her friend without dragging Omotola into it.

Steph-Nora Okere‘s face was attacked by her fellow woman. The other day it was Rukky Sanda being attacked by a fellow woman, Now it’s Omotola.

Funke, you called Omotola “a mother of four” as if her life has ended because she has 4 kids. Like are you even serious right now? What side of the local planet did you come from and did you come here through a time machine? If so, wake up! These are modern times. The Mommys manufactured today are giving single ladies such a bad run for their money and guess what? It’s so allowed!

Whether slim or curvy, all women are beautiful and I would never keep my mouth shut if I dare sight one of them body shamed for any reason!

I leave you with women who are older or within the same age bracket with Omotola…some of them mommies who are rocking the crop top like there is no tomorrow…

CROP TOP-1-SADEThe legendary Sade Adu was 51 when she rocked this crop top.CROP TOP-2-EVELYN LOZADA & DAUGHTEREvelyn Lozada (right) is 39 years old. Beside her (left), is her daughter Shaniece Hairston, 21.CROP TOP-3-LOPEZJennifer Lopez is 46 and she’s an Iya Ibeji (mother of twins)CROP TOP-4-LALALala Anthony is 36CROP TOP-5-GWENGwen Stefani is 45 and guess what? She’s a mother of four!LINDA IKEJI-BLACK N WHITE-2Linda Ikeji is 35 and she looks fabulous in a crop top

Please drop your arguments below…I dey wait!


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Bimbo Thomas/Instagram

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