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“You Are Mine, Forever!” Maje Ayida Boasts About Taking Anita Solomon’s Virginity

MAJE-ANITA-VIRGINITYIt seems Fitness expert, Maje Ayida is more than obsessed with his mistress, Anita Solomon.

Eight years ago, the husband to OAP/TV girl, Toke Makinwa wrote on Anita’s Facebook wall:

“I have taken your virginity, u r mine forever!!!”

His declaration was the very first post on Anita’s wall. This means that as soon as Anita signed up on Facebook, Maje launched the info to the whole world.

Now let’s do some math. If Maje dated Toke for twelve years as at 2014, then it means their relationship began in 2002. Now take a look at the date he made his ima fiop declaration…2nd April, 2007. He and Toke were five year into their relationship.

Then again, reports used to say his relationship with Toke was “on and off,” so could it be when they were off? Why make this declaration so public?

And do we take it that his attachment to Anita lies in her virginity being ‘taken’ by him? I’ve been wondering a lot since this news broke because after staring hard at Anita’s photos, I’ve come to the conclusion that Maje’s side chick has got nothing on his wife.

I really fail to realise where his attraction lies, other than to see that this charcoal-faced, bicep-building bald-headed man is nothing but a cheap, pathetic, lying cheat who through his extreme selfishness and thoughtlessness has pushed his wife out at the mercy of lion-mouthed gossips.

And please a word of advise to senseless haters. Toke’s job entails a life of glamour. She is a TV girl and a media personality. Her job requires that she makes all those public appearances to stay relevant in the industry. So make she dey slack for her career to stay house dey do wetin? To dey look Maje lie-lie face? While he sneaks into Calabar to play Rambo with his restless manhood?

A bad man is a bad man. You either accept him for who is is or run far away from him, while praying to God to connect you to a good man.

Maje, for your wife’s sake I’ve been resisting the urge to curse you. God knows I need divine grace to hold in this anger.

May Toke find strength in this trying time. My heart, prayers and love are with her.



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