You Finally Have It! Davido’s OFFICIAL “Skelewu” Video By Moe Musa Is Out…And I Hate It! Find Out Why


SKELEWU-BTS 3A lot of people who watched the Moe Musadirected ‘Skelewu’ official video after its release yesterday were sorely disappointed.

Last week, the news of a leaked Skelewu music video on Youtube went viral on social media and news sites. Davido tweeted to his fans to disregard the leaked video which was directed by Sesan…saying it wasn’t his official video. He also insinuated that Sesan’s work on the video was sub-standard and as such not worthy enough to be his official Skelewu video. An angry Davido took to Twitter and ranted:

DAVIDO-SKELEWU-TWITTER RANTSesan was then forced to send out a press statement to clear up all the assumptions and allegations as he thought it was damaging to his professional image. Sesan’s statement read:

“My attention is drawn toward  the chaos surrounding the release of the Skelewu video .

Myself and my team shot the video for Davido in Nigeria and to the best of my knowledge my client and his team were very happy with the result, when they watched/ and approved the video. If he has since had a change of heart, that is ok. I am not in any way responsible for the release of the video. I believe Davido and myself did a very good job regarding the video production and as a professional of over 10 years. I find it very irresponsible and immature if my client and his management publicly put out false statements/comments, in an attempt to tarnish my name, credibility and reputation.

I remain dedicated, humble, focused and as hard working as ever. Thank you to all my fans and industry professionals – Stay blessed.”

So Davido jetted off to London with some of his crew to shoot a new and ‘better’ Skelewu video. It really pains me that I never got a chance to watch the leaked Skelewu video before it was yanked off YouTube. But I’ve watched the official video as well as the instructional video. Both videos didn’t cut it for me.

The instructional video was all about Davido and his crew messing around in front of the camera and having fun at the expense of our adrenalin pumped hearts…anticipating when the real dance lecture would begin. With P-Square’s Alingo instructional video, you could really see the twins and a professional choreographer takes us step by step through the moves. At the end of the video, I could dance Alingo and almost had a heart attack from the massive workout it gave me!

Now Davido, I’m gonna be addressing this to you from now on because I know that you’ll get to read this so listen…

Your Skelewu song wasn’t merely a track, it was an anthem…a movement. Everyone; old, young, black, white, ‘spiro’ (born-again Christian) or jujuman sef…all loved the song.

My late grandmother was a heavy spiro. She only sang and danced to Christian music. But I bet you, if Skelewu was played by her graveside, she’ll be tapping her bony feet and wishing she could wake up to dance. My point is, Skelewu sounds so good that when you hear it, you want to get up and dance.

So you can imagine how much I anticipated the video would look. I like the fact that Moe Musa adopted a similar video concept to that of  Redfoo and SkyBlu of LMFAO …the American electronic dance music duo which sang the chart-bursting hit, Party Rock Anthem back in 2011. If you remember that video well the message of the video was that the song went so viral, everyone loved it; including ‘Jesus’ who joined then to dance on the street.

Musa’s Skelewu would have been a hit with me, if the scenes were properly choreographed. It looked too jaga-jaga (disorganized). We should have seen the dancers doing a uniform dance most of the time with everyone in the video doing that special clap somewhere in the song at the same time. I’d also have loved to see a couple of hot video vixens shaking their thang (not twerking, please.)

I had imagined how the Skelewu video would look like. Permit me to share.

1. A highly bored, nerdy-looking young man is sitting in front of his computer and communicating with ‘aliens.’ A UFO spaceship lands in a drab, ordinary-looking world. The ship opens and Davido steps out with his crew, wearing space coveralls, sunglasses and carrying space guns…ghen ghen!! Their sunglasses have a virtual viewing screen which allows them measure the level of swaglessness the world they landed in possess.

2. Davido turns to asks a member of his crew, “Where is he?” One crew member replies, “He’ll be here soon.” Just then, the young man who invited them to his world rushes to them and welcomes them excitedly. Davido sizes the guy up and down as if he’s not sure the nerdy guy could ever be transformed into a ‘Skelewite’ (someone who can dance Skelewu very well.) Davido then asks him, “Are you ready to skelewize your planet?” The guy replies, “I’m ready!”

3. Davido places the injectible-looking spacegun on the guys chest and instantly, the guy, Davido and his crew are engulfed in a circle of green wavelength. This wavelength strips off their clothes and everyone is seen dressed in correct Naija swag. Skelewu starts to play. The guy begins to dance. Anyone the guy taps, catches the skelewu virus and automatically begins to dance. The Skelewu virus takes a zombie effect. One person touches another who touches another.

4. So you see the Skelewu movement sweep across that planet. Worshippers pouring out of church dancing to Skelewu as the priest does a quick sign of the cross; praying for them. A white wedding reception where the couple and guests are dancing to a perfectly choreographed Skelewu.

5. ‘Oya dance jigida-oooo!’ that part would show girls with jigida waist beads doing a sexy belly dance. ‘Oya, dance galala!’ that part would show another kind of Skelewu dance. The virus sweeps across banks, cemeteries, on broadway musicals, sick people in the hospital…just name everywhere people exist or gather. It would have looked like the classiest flash mob ever!

6. Finally they all move to the source of the music, Davido and everyone in the video, merge into a perfectly choreographed Skelewu dance, with the special clap done all at the same time.

7. The final scene shows the spaceship departing from a successfully Skelewized planet with the guy who invited them waving at Davido and his crew. And….CUT! It’s a wrap!!

You would have incorporated some of the entrants who submitted their videos for the Skelewu dance competition and also, some professional dancers. Abi how you see am?

But my guy no wan hear. Instead he sent out this tweet, this evening:

DAVIDO-SKELWWU-TWEETHmmm…which 3 videos? Abeg Davido, don’t talk like this ooo…your fans still have a say in this matter and we are rooting for you so don’t say we are “jonsin” because we ain’t.

It might be too late to shoot yet another Skelewu video. So I’ll endure my pain and continue imagining my own Skelewu video in my head as the Skelewu virus eats into my body…hehehe!!

Dear Pweebers, watch 2 out of 3 of the Skelewu videos. Whenever Sesan’s version is brought back on YouTube I shall post it so that you can properly assess all 3 videos and say which of the 3 you loved most.




Video 3: Latest Official Video, directed by Moe Musa…

Video 1: Skelewu – The Instructional Video…




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