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Young Girl Commits Suicide After Discovering Her Sugar Daddy Is Her Biological Father

SUGAR DADDY-800x531Tragedy struck in Mpumalanga, South Africa, last Friday after a 23-year-old girl committed suicide after she had sex with her long lost father without knowing.

According to the girl’s mother – Sthabile Mkhwanazi ‘lost’ her father when she was still a baby and had to be raised by her mother only.

The mother described Mr Mkwanazi (the sugar daddy) as a heartless, irresponsible man and coward who caused the untimely death of their own daughter. The mother revealed that Sthabile never got to know her biological dad because he had deserted his family donkey years back.

The two only got  to meet last Friday at a local club but they were not aware that they were the same blood.

After hooking up inside the club, they agreed to head over to the Mkwanazi’s house for sex. The following morning, while they were leaving the house, the girl’s mother coincidentally bumped into them and  identified her runaway ex husband. She told her daughter that the man she was standing with is her father.

The girl was completely inconsolable after learning that she had just committed incest with her own father. She reportedly failed to stomach the disturbing news and was so devastated she decided to take her own life.

This is not the first time their town will witness such atrocity. In 2011, The Sowetan reported that a couple in South Africa who had been together for five years had a child and discovered that they are brother and sister just before their wedding. They were raised separately and met as adults in college.



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