Top 12 Biodegradable Plastic Manufacturers to Consider

biodegradable plastic manufacturer

One of the world’s worst causes of environmental pollution is plastic.

This is because plastic takes so many years to decompose. And when it is exposed to perish under sunlight or fire, it releases toxic substances.

Apart from the toxicity being released into the atmosphere, many woodland animals are suffocated by plastic bags. Plastic also inhibits soil nutrients, which affects plants.

The solution to the negative effects of plastics is biodegradable plastics. They can be decomposed in water, carbon dioxide, and biomass by the action of microorganisms.

However, for these biodegradable plastics to be in good circulation, some companies have taken it upon themselves to manufacture them.

The following is a list of biodegradable plastic manufacturers.

Top Biodegradable Manufacturers in the World

1. Ecovative Design

Ecovative Design is a biotech company founded in 2007 and based in New York, United States. Its goal is to design the future of mycelium materials. The company is highly concerned with animal agriculture and plastic. They seek to provide sustainable and better options to plastic and polystyrene foams using mushroom technology.

They use mycelium in growing materials that can replace plastic and lead to a reduction in animal slaughter.

2. Green Dot Bioplastics

Green Dot Bioplastics, established in 2009 and situated in Kansas, is a bioplastic material science company that aims to improve plastic by producing more compostable, sustainable, and eco-friendly resin.

They offer raw materials with the versatility and strength of traditional plastic but without the negative environmental impact.

Their product categories range from biocomposites to natural fiber-reinforced, biodegradables, and elastomers. Elastomers are polymers that have viscosity and elasticity; they also have weak intermolecular forces.

3. Instrumental Polymer Technologies

This company is based in West Lake, California. They seek to revolutionize the polymer industry via the development of polymers that are environmentally friendly and affordable.

Instrumental Polymer Technologies is involved in the research and development of polycarbonate polyols, which are used in polyurethane formations.

4. Full Cycle Bioplastics

Full Cycle Bioplastics is a California-based biodegradable company that tackles plastic pollution, food waste, and climate change. They transform waste into PHA (a high-performing compostable alternative to oil-based plastic).

5. Genecis Bioindustries

Here’s a biotech company that up-cycles organic waste into PHA biodegradable plastics.

They make biodegradable plastics and some other important materials from food waste. This is done by turning programmed bacteria that can digest food into biodegradable plastic granules to make compostable containers and tableware.

Genecis runs a four thousand square-foot (4,000sq.ft) pilot facility where about a kilo of PHA is manufactured weekly. The company is in partnership with the National Research Council of Canada to build the next scale of its manufacturing plant.

  • Address: 633 Coronation Dr Unit 10, Scarborough, ON M1E 2K4, Canada
  • Official Website:
6. Radical Plastics

They make a meaningful contribution to the battle against plastic pollution by blending a patented naturally occurring catalyst with conventional polymers to make plastic compounds biodegradable in the natural environment. Their products are affordable and recyclable.

Radical Plastics offers a mulch film that would biodegrade while offering identical performance with reduced total cost. They believe that their innovation offers a path forward with materials that perform like plastic and can be recycled along with conventional plastic but also mitigates the serious impacts of plastic pollution.

7. Mango Materials

Mango Materials is a renewable bioproducts company that produces biopolymers out of waste biogas, which is economically competitive with conventional oil-based plastic.

Their plastics are biodegradable even in water bodies and help in reducing plastic pollution. They’re focused on improving their technology to commercial-scale production facilities.

8. Greenlid Envirosciences

Greenlid Envirosciences produces compostable, sustainable, and recycled water-resistant and cardboard-based containers that end the need for messy compostable bin bags.

9. Genomatica

This biotech company develops biological processes for manufacturing and licenses them for intermediate and basic chemical production. They use sustainable and renewably sourced chemicals and materials.

Genomatica develops and delivers commercial-grade, microorganism design, process design, affordable bioprocesses computation, technology transfer, and techno-economics. They’ve developed a process of fermentation that turns sugars gotten from plants like wheat, cassava, corn, and other starchy plants into caprolactam, which is used in the production of nylon.

The company commercialized the process for biobased butylene glycol for cosmetics and the process for bio-BDO for plastics. Their tech drives the world’s first-ever commercial-scale bio-based plant for a major intermediate chemical, with a 30,000-ton capacity using their BDO process technology.

10. Worldcentric

Worldcentric was established in 2004 to manufacture only compostable food service and packaging products. This bioplastics company gives 25% of the profits made to social and environmental organizations to further create a better world.

11. Be Green Packaging

Be Green Packaging is a manufacturer, designer, and distributor of molded fiber packaging for foodservice. They also serve a wide range of consumer packaged goods companies (consumer electronics, health & beauty, and so on) and e-commerce stores.

12. Ecoware

They provide a variety of sustainable and compostable beverage and food packaging made from plants.

The mode of design of Ecoware products ensures end-of-life usage for all of their products. The company ensures waste elimination, the creation of step changes in resource productivity, and the enhancement of the customer value proposition.

The unique selling promise (USP) of Ecoware includes 0% plasticity, the healthy choice, backyard biodegradability, microwave safety, lightweightedness, trust, and no mess.

Ecoware offers customized packaging to customers to promote their businesses. The company also offers various payment models like the “pay-as-you-use” model or the “order-and-pay” model for easier transactions.


Times are changing rapidly, and innovations keep coming up from all around the world. Biodegradable plastics are an innovation that has come to stay. It’s just left to us as a people to embrace it.

Our planet today needs more care than ever. The negative effects of using plastics and plastic bags are already taking a toll on our planet.

Therefore, we must appreciate the efforts of the companies listed above. Their contributions don’t only save costs but also help in the reduction of global warming. This leads to a more efficient production from our soil, and saves our animals.

Top 12 Biodegradable Plastic Manufacturers to Consider

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