5 Best Caribbean Islands to Raise a Family

best caribbean island to raise a family

The Caribbean island is a massive archipelago of thousands of diverse islands surrounded by turquoise waters located in The Caribbean Sea.

It is subdivided into a few different regions including The Greater Antilles, Lucayan Archipelago, ABC Islands, and Lesser Antilles. The predominant languages of the Caribbean are English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Antillean Creole.

The Caribbean sprawls across several miles, and it is located between North America and South America.

Although the Islands scattered across the Caribbean are remarkably diverse, each spot offers something a bit different. You’ll find one of the world’s most show-stopping stretches of beach sands, sea cliffs, a dramatic offshore rock formation whipped by crashing waves, fascinating cultures, amazing architectures, and many more.

It is a place that every person who craves the lush, serenity, and splendor of island life should opt for.

Today, a lot of people live on islands across the world; some even own them (especially celebrities) since they’re available for purchase just like any piece of real estate.  With hundreds of Caribbean islands to choose from, it can be pretty difficult to decide on a destination.

Many islands are small, covering less than half a hectare while others are very magnificent, offering a heaven-on-earth feeling to its inhabitants.

Therefore, if you have been dreaming about raising a family in the best Caribbean islands in the world, then it is time to make that dream a reality. In this article, we provided everything you need to know about the best Caribbean island to raise a family.

On the islands that we shall be discussing below, you will be able to get the best of everything for yourself and your family. You’ll have access to formal educational institutions, recreational centers and activities, quality accommodation, delicious cuisines, and adventure that will help nourish your soul with splendor, frolic, and fun.

But before we begin, below are some things to consider when choosing a Caribbean island to raise a family.

Things to Consider when Choosing an Island in the Caribbean

The economic system, security, cost of accommodation, political system, educational and healthcare system, climatic conditions, and size of the island, are some of the factors that you need to consider before moving with your family to any Caribbean island.

The terrain of the island is also something that you should look out for because some low-lying islands are at greater risk of damage from tsunamis and tropical storms.  

Best Caribbean Islands for Families to Live on and Work

If you find yourself in a quandary about the best Caribbean island to raise a family, here are the best picks you can choose from.

1. Dominican Republic (D.R)
best caribbean island to raise a family
Image credit: chinadaily.com.cn

Aside from being considered the adventure capital of the Caribbean, it is a place where you get to experience the best fun activities with your family. Snorkeling, ziplining, canopy tour, sailing, surfing, among other recreational activities are what you get to enjoy.

D.R is located on Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean region. Their official language is Spanish. Schools are based on a Spanish educational model with English and French being the mandatory foreign languages in both private and public schools.

Education is considered a right for everyone; the primary education in D.R is regulated by the Ministry of Education. However, if you want to further your education as an adult, you can attend some of their higher institutions like Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University located in Santo Domingo, Apec University, Central del Este University, and The Madre e Maestra Pontifical Catholic University.

The universities offer technical careers, undergraduate, and graduate courses, which are regulated by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology.

However, D. R’s climate indicates a variation over short distances due to its diverse topography. It’s the most different of all the Antilles. It has the largest economy in the Caribbean and Central American region as it’s a well-known site for gold mining in the world. The location is backed by a diversified mix of services, manufacturing, agriculture, and trade.

Transportation routes in this country are great. The country has three national trunk highways that connect every major town; the highways have been consistently improved via the expansion and reconstruction of many sections. Two other national highways serve as an alternative route.

A well-developed telecommunication system, exquisite diverse architectural and dexterous local structures, and a complex blend of diverse cultures and cuisines (which are predominantly Spanish, Taíno, and African) make the Dominican Republic the ideal place to raise a family.

The high unemployment rate and income inequality are the long-term challenges the country has continued to deal with. Moreover, tropical cyclones take place every couple of years with much of the impacts along the southern coast. But these are just a few of the setbacks of the island when compared with the great benefits it has to offer.

2. Aruba
best caribbean islands for families
Image credit: credendo.com

Aruba’s slogan is “One Happy Island”. If your goal is to stay safe while having the best time of your life, Aruba is the Caribbean paradise for you.

Aruba, which is best known for its beautiful beach sites and perfect weather, has a low crime rate. This makes it one of the safest islands in the Caribbean. Unlike most Islands, Aruba is a desert; a dry climate with a cactus-stretched landscape. 

It’s a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands with its capital being Oranjestad. This island does not have major cities; it’s divided into six districts – some of which are Noord, Oranjestad, and Paradera.

The official languages are Dutch and Papiamento English (which is commonly used in tourism). Other common languages spoken are based on the size of their localities, they include Spanish, Cantonese, Portuguese, German, and French.

Aruba has the best schools to enroll your kids. The schools often have all their lessons in Dutch and only speak Papiamento during the Papiamento class.

The island has one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean region with aloe export, petroleum refining, and offshore banking as its economic backbone, and agriculture and manufacturing as supporting sectors. The electricity on the island is a by-product of the desalinization plant.

There are many fun things to do in Aruba that would make your stay a harmonious one. And you will always find an activity, a sight attraction, or an event that will arouse your family’s interests at all times.

3. Saint Lucia
best caribbean island to raise a family
Image credit: harveylawcorporation.com

Saint Lucia, named after Saint Lucy of Syracuse, is one of the countries in the world named after a woman. It was previously called Iyonola and later Hewanorra. It is a sovereign island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean.

Saint Lucia is the quintessential island paradise; it’s among the friendliest and most peaceful place to be on the Caribbean Island. Unlike many Caribbean Islands, St. Lucia has its unmatched topography; the terrain depicts the tropical rainforest–jungly scenery and a port of volcanoes at some parts.

This island is rowdy and has Soufrière and Castries as its major cities. English and Saint Lucian French are the official languages while Creole is spoken by the majority of the natives.

It is a home of mixed adrenaline rush and mini-adventure. You can go out for trekking, whiz through the rainforest canopy, go to the beach, be at the white sands at Sugar Beach resort, or set between the twin Piton peaks and chill.

St. Lucia has an educated workforce and great improvement in its economic sectors ranging from its roads, communication, water supply, sewerage, and port facilities.

This has attracted foreign investments in tourism, petroleum storage, and transshipment (the island’s main source of revenue). Despite a few challenges, its economic fundamentals remain strong, and has become a great place to raise a family.

4. The Bahamas
best u s islands to raise a family
Image credit: sun-sentinel.com

This is by far one of the best islands out there. It’s an ecological oasis that spreads along the South-Eastern part of the North American continent in the Atlantic Ocean. It is made up of several islands and rocks and cays that make it a fascinating heaven-on-earth to live in.

The Island was formally known as the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Nassau is the capital and the largest city of The Bahamas and has been recognized as a part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network as a city of Crafts and Folk Art.

It has some great boutiques, unsurpassed accommodations, picturesque small size resorts, and other great places to have fun. Grand Bahamas Island is a populous city of about 60,000 residents. It has a Freeport, International Airport, relaxing beach sites, and indescribable infrastructures. 

Long Island, Paradise Island, Cat Island, Andros Island, Bimini Island, and other numerous Islands are the best places to stay in The Bahamas. Even though the island itself consists of many Islands, only a few are inhabited while a bunch offers accommodations and adventurous activities.

The security on the island is good but things on the island (particularly accommodation) are quite expensive. Therefore, you need to have the right budget to live in The Bahamas.

5. Puerto Rico
best caribbean island to raise a family
Image credit: ocregister.com

Puerto Rico is located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea. It has an intermingled Spanish, US, and Afro-Caribbean culture. Although Spanish and English are the official languages, it remains a predominantly Spanish-speaking society.

English is also widely understood, which is why some Puerto Rican adults speak English fluently. Even though many of the island’s inhabitants are Christian–Roman Catholics (a legacy of its centuries as a Spanish colony), Puerto Rico’s constitution still guarantees freedom of religion.

Its economy is now based on services and manufacturing. Agriculture, forestry, and fishing account for a relatively small portion of the gross domestic product and employment.

Many of the Islanders are literates. Schooling is compulsory and free for children in the lower grades. There are also great healthcare systems and a low crime rate on this island, which will help keep your family safe and secure.

The island’s territory is hard to beat. Aside from its wide tourist attractions, there are many musical styles like Bomba, plena, décima, salsa, and reggaetón that are interwoven with distinctive dance steps. Accommodation is affordable. Hence, raising your family over there is a good choice.

Wrap Up

It is crucial to note that the above places are democratic countries with strong securities, well-structured constitutions enshrined with fundamental rights, and a promising economy. These make them the ideal islands to live in.

Although only some of the best ones have been mentioned above, there are lots of marvelous places on the Caribbean island that you can peacefully stay with your family.

So, feel welcomed and begin to plan your migration to enable you to join the big family of Islanders and enjoy the best of island life with your family.

5 Best Caribbean Islands to Raise a Family

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