Garage Door Types & Their Pros and Cons

garage door types pros and cons

People like to remodel their garages for different reasons. 

For some, it has more to do with the aesthetics — from the sleek look that subtly indicates elegance to the woody essential feel that gives off a cozy home vibe and the rugged-looking garage doors that have ‘functional’ written all over them.

Homeowners want their personalities etched in each of their living spaces including the garage, even though they don’t exactly live in the garage.

Depending on the type of garage door in your home, the market value of your home can escalate from 10% to a whopping 100%. And yes, it’s one of the first things that home buyers are in particular demand for. 

While some types of garage doors are more expensive than others, it’s important to be aware that this could be the investment that makes your home your biggest asset ever.

This article explores some of the best types of garage doors in high demand by those who want to uplift the appeal of their home, on or off the market; citing all the reasons why you might or might not want to go for a type of garage door over another. Enjoy!

Garage Door Types Pros and Cons

1. The Up and Over Garage Door 

garage door types pros and cons
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This is a traditional single panel garage door that comes in two variants; the Canopy Garage Door that opens into a canopy and the Retractable Garage Door that slides into space beneath the garage ceiling when open. 

a) The Canopy Garage Door


  • This is the cheapest of all garage door types
  • It is very easy to open and close manually
  • The protrusion made (in the form of a canopy) when open makes it quite efficient to be converted for creative usage. For example, small events like baby showers and home thrift sales
  • It provides reliable protection against the harshest of weathers


  • The canopy garage door is only available in a manual form, which reduces its allure where tech lovers are concerned
  • It might be too traditional-looking for some homeowners
  • Its canopy-like protrusion demands that cars be parked farther from the garage before opening. It, therefore, requires more ground space than usual
  • The door is noisier in operation
b) The Retractable Garage Door


  • It is available in the automatic form
  • There is no outward protrusion like the Canopy Garage Door 
  • The door is noiseless and smooth in operation when automated
  • It is very affordable


  • Due to the retractable system, it requires more internal space, making it less of an option for people with garages of low height. And it reduces the height of the garage even when installed in a garage with a normal height
  • Whenever it gets faulty, it requires more technical know-how to fix than the canopy garage door— especially when automated
  • It requires more servicing than the Canopy Garage Door. This equals more cost in the long run

2. The Roller Garage Door

garage door types pros and cons
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If you have a small home with little space in your garage, or you have a big home that needs some space to store items, this garage door type is the best for you. 

It neither swings outwards nor inwards. Rather, it comes with a box that tucks it in when opened behind the garage door itself. This makes it the favorite choice for people who fall into the categories stated above. 

As we highlight the pros and cons, you shall see why it is not inconceivable that most corporate institutions also prefer this garage door type for their business buildings.


  • The door requires little to no maintenance due to the powder coating. This, therefore, equals little to no cost incurred after installment
  • It is ideal for when you have little drivers at home. Bicycles and toy cars get to fit in comfortably for daily use because of the ease of operation
  • It gives room for various storage compartmentalizations. You can keep things above, near the ceiling, sideways, and against the walls without disturbing the garage door in any way 
  • The Roller Garage Door offers a wide material range. You can have the material customized to suit your needs. Corporate institutions, for instance, can have their garage doors made of metal for security purposes
  • It offers flexibility to suit every weather and climate according to your discretion. There are options available for insulation in climates where the weather is freezing. You can also choose to go without it in predominantly hot climates
  • The door is built to not only keep in vehicles but also keep out intruders. Unlike most garage doors, it has no handle on the outside. And it has an automated inbuilt lock system that makes it quite impenetrable
  • It caters to all preferences as there are both automated and manual roller garage doors 


  • Its flexibility is sidelined to functional purposes only because there are minimal colors, designs, and architecture for it
  • It is a nightmare for people with even a hint of spontaneity because it is quite hectic and almost impossible to make any changes to the look once it has been installed. The technicalities involved will most definitely scare you from doing so if the cost doesn’t
  • It is very expensive, depending on the material used. Since materials range from steel to wood, the prices vary as well. However, the more heightened the building is, the more unaffordable it becomes for a lot of people
  • When an insulation system is included, it goes from light to very heavy, especially when operated manually

3. Sectional Garage Door

garage door types pros and cons
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This is a double panel garage door that works best if one is undecided about choosing the Up and Over Garage Door or the Roller Garage Door. 

This is because it combines the strength of both and eliminates some cons found in either system. It steals the spotlight as the most sought-after garage door type for most realtors.


  • The door is installed using the topmost engineering infrastructure and technical know-how
  • The Sectional Garage Door opens effortlessly without taking up space outwards. This allows drivers to drive directly up to the garage
  • It allows for storage within the garage
  • There is an installed insulation package that protects the inhabitants of the home against harsh weather conditions
  • It offers a lot of options when it comes to aesthetics, unlike the Roller Garage Door. There is a wide range of colors and designs for everyone
  • You get a powdered exterior look and feel that makes maintenance needless
  • It is ideal for homes with antiques and other expensive belongings due to the steel panel in their interiors. Hence, it makes it resistant to break-ins
  • It is specially designed to be noiseless and soundless. Nobody needs to know when you’re driving in or out. This takes privacy to another level entirely


  • Due to its system of closing and opening, the Sectional Garage Door takes up extra space in the ceiling, making your garage seem shorter and more crowded
  • It reduces storage space as the ceiling will have been taken up by the extensive system of the Sectional Garage Doors
  • While the technicalities of the technology are fascinating, the cumbersome nature of most automated machines comes into play when they become faulty. It would require more skill than a hammer and plier to get it up and running. It needs experienced hands, and most professionals worth their salt charge quite higher rates for repairing them. Hence, cost-wise, a repair can be a nightmare

4. The Side Hinged Doors

garage door types pros and cons
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This is the last garage door type up for discussion in this article. We have to save the best for the last. Unlike the other garage doors, this type is unique for its diversity of operations. 

While it might not make for the ideal door for your garage space, it works fine if you’re looking to convert your garage into space for other purposes aside from driving in and out.

The distinctive feature of this door is that it swings outside using hinges made of steel.


  • Its operation mechanism allows for uninhibited space for every use that can be benefited from a garage space
  • The door allows for open-spaced events like home thrift sales, baby showers, and brunch, allowing access to the outdoors while indoors
  • It allows the person working in the garage to feel more refreshed and less cooped up like in most working spaces. This makes it the ideal working space for most people
  • It is best for people who work with heavy-duty machines. Aside from being safer for the children around the home, the gentle breeze that comes in through the open doors reduces the need to install a ventilating system
  • The Side Hinged Garage Door requires little to no maintenance cost because of the simplicity of the operating mechanism
  • It comes in different designs, styles, and colors. And it is also available as an automated garage gating system


  • Its simple mechanism also makes it easy prey for those looking to break into homes or steal cars. Hence, it is simply not reliable – security-wise


There is a lot to gain in real estate development, and this has been true for years. Having the best type of garage door will go a long way in giving your home the best setup and value. 

We hope that when it comes to your garage renovation, this article will help to place your home higher in the ranks of the most valuable homes or assets out there. 

And if this is to give your home an extra boost in terms of looks and functionality, then we hope that this article helps you in choosing the right type of garage door for your home or company.

Garage Door Types & Their Pros and Cons

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