10 Types of Residential Cleaning Services

types of residential cleaning services

When you have a busy daily schedule and doing the chores is not on your to-do list, one of the best options you have is to get a cleaning service. 

Most people feel exhausted after coming back from work, and doing the chores (which is like a job on its own) can be an arduous task for them. That is why people hire residential cleaning services to help them with their home chores and lift the cleaning burden off their chest. 

The techniques, equipment, and expertise of commercial cleaning services are the indices that have continued to make people hire their services. And one of the most commonly used commercial cleaning services is the residential cleaning service, which is what we shall be discussing in this article. 

Residential cleaning services are also known as home cleaning services. They are services rendered by cleaning companies or agencies to private individuals in their homes or residences.

When people find it hard to adequately clean their homes, this is the kind of cleaning service they hire. All that is required of you is to book an appointment and watch them turn your home into a clean and beautiful abode. 

Residential cleaning services are of various types and are handled by specialized professionals. 

Residential Cleaning Services Types

1. General Home Cleaning Services

types of residential cleaning services

This is by far the most popular type. Professional cleaners offer general cleaning services on a daily or weekly basis to clients who might need them. People who do not have the energy or luxury of time to engage in DIY cleaning often ask for this service to help keep their houses clean and hygienic. 

General home cleaning services involve the overall cleaning of the living room(s), bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and other common areas of the home. 

Specialists in this type of cleaning service make sure that they thoroughly clean and sanitize the toilet and bathrooms. They also clean every dust and debris that might be in different corners of the house. At the end of the day, they leave your home looking neat and spotless. 

2. House Carpet/Rug Cleaning Services 

types of residential cleaning services

Almost every home has a carpet or rug that makes the home beautiful and comfortable. However, the carpet tends to absorb dust, stains, spills, and different types of dirt as it lies on the floor of the house. 

The carpet deserves much cleaning like every other furniture in the home. But this can be very taxing for some people due to the heavy texture or fabric some carpets are made of. This is why people hire the service of a professional house carpet cleaning company to clean their dirty carpets or rugs. 

These experts can help you clean your carpet and bring back the pristine look that it used to have when you first bought it. They are often hired monthly or quarterly, depending on how dirty the carpet or rug might be. 

3. Wall and Ceiling Cleaning Services 

Most residential cleaning professionals are usually equipped with the right instrument to clean the walls and ceilings of the home. Internal walls and ceilings of most homes are usually filled with cobwebs and dirt, which calls for thorough cleaning. 

These professionals clean painstakingly and add damp proofing agents to the walls and ceilings to make them damp-free. 

4. Window Cleaning Services 

Unlike the general house cleaners that do not often pay much attention to the windows, window frames, and joints, professional window cleaners will go the extra mile to clean the internal and external windows, coupled with the ones made of glass. 

They ensure that your windows are clean and shiny with the use of the right equipment and detergent. So, even if you live in the tallest of homes that could have high windows, these cleaning experts got you covered. 

With their ladders and climbing equipment, they can reach any window or window frame, regardless of how high the building might be. 

They know the right way of adding to the beauty and lush of your home with a well-cleaned window. 

5. Floor Cleaning Services 

types of residential cleaning services

Like the window cleaning services, the floor cleaning services can also be part of the general home cleaning services. But if you want to give your floor additional spotlessness and make it hygienic, hiring the service of a professional floor cleaning company will help. 

These experts clean the floor by vacuuming, washing, mopping, and performing other cleaning techniques that will go a long way in keeping your floor neat and safe for children and pets. They usually have various materials and equipment that clean any type of floor, so you’re guaranteed accurate and satisfactory cleaning service. 

6. Move-in/Move-out Cleaning Services

This is usually a one-time service offered by professional home cleaning companies. And it is often demanded when someone needs to move in or out of an apartment or home. Move-in/Move-out cleaning services are needed when you want to thoroughly clean an empty apartment before moving into it or after packing out of it. 

Being a form of home cleaning service that is work-intensive, it requires careful cleaning of the interior and exterior part of the home and every other corner that needs to be cleaned.

It is a service that enables homeowners to feel comfortable and homely when they are about to move into a new apartment. It also relieves them of the burden of cleaning the house when they are about to move out of an old apartment to a new one.

Also, cleaning experts who offer this type of service may include add-on services like cleaning the chandelier, oven, cabinets, refrigerator, gas cooker, washing machine, and other appliances that are part of the house you are moving in or out of. 

In some cases, they include lawn mowing into their services, depending on what you want. Hence, you don’t have to worry about having a bushy lawn in your new apartment. 

7. Couch/Sofa Cleaning Services

Homes with sofas need the service of a professional sofa cleaning company to help clean their sofas when necessary. Sofas, like the ones made of cushion, often absorb dust, dirt, and spills that might cause them to produce offensive odors if they are not regularly cleaned. Hence, the need for this service is often very germane in most homes. 

8. Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutters are very essential in every home for an effective drainage system, prevention of water damage, and home leaks. A neat gutter will also prevent mosquitoes from breeding and causing various health challenges or sicknesses. 

This is why homeowners who find it difficult to clean their gutters opt for the service of a professional gutter cleaning company to help in cleaning and disinfecting their gutter from diseases and germs.

9. Special Cleaning Services

There are times when people hold special occasions or events in their homes. Events like housewarming parties, wedding engagement parties, or any other event that calls for celebrations can get the home dirty due to the eating and drinking that take place. 

After any special home occasion, the services of event cleaning companies are often needed to clean the house and return it to the beautiful and clean state it was before the event. 

This service provides your home with cleaning assistance that you won’t have to worry about how dirty and unkempt your home looks after an event.

10. Deep Cleaning Services

types of residential cleaning services

This is an occasional or spring-cleaning service that provides a type of cleaning with a lot of depth for your home. Unlike the regular or general home cleaning services, deep cleaning services take the extra effort to clean every grime, dust, and dirt in strategic parts of the home that you might not likely pay attention to. 

Home appliances and pieces of furniture like washing machines, sink (and its bottom), patio doors and windows, blinds, taps, showerheads, and bathtubs are usually cleaned perfectly and thoroughly. Experts who render this type of service also clean the corners of every room in the home. They remove cobwebs and dirt that might have been created by insects.


It is worthy to note that a clean and spotless house makes a home. And when you find it difficult to maintain a neat and hygienic home by yourself, getting the services of the aforementioned residential cleaning services will help a lot. 

It will help you to stay consistent with having a neat and germless home that you will always be happy to come to after a long day at work. 

Therefore, hiring the right type of residential home cleaning services for your cleaning needs is the right choice if you intend to keep having a clean, healthy, and radiant-looking home. 

10 Types of Residential Cleaning Services

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