Types of Industrial Cleaning Services

types of industrial cleaning services

As industries continue to grow and expand daily, there is the need to have various services that can work with them to make them thrive. 

One of these important services is cleaning services. 

There are different types of cleaning services out there. Some of them include residential cleaning services, window cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, carpet cleaning services, swimming pool cleaning services, and — our major area of focus in this article — industrial cleaning services. 

Industrial cleaning services are quite complex and dynamic because they involve a great level of professionalism. This is due to the type of specialized gadgets or pieces of equipment used for the cleaning, coupled with the cleaning styles or methods they require. 

What is Industrial Cleaning Services?

By definition, industrial cleaning services are distinctive and specialized cleaning services that involve various areas of industrial equipment or facilities like manufacturing equipment and factories, power plants, industrial warehouses, self-storage facilities, among others. 

It has to do with thorough and regular cleaning of industrial facilities by using specialized cleaning equipment and techniques. Industrial cleaning services are often done by a team of professional commercial cleaning services that are highly skilled and time-conscious. 

They have the flexible wherewithal to clean around a specific production schedule without interrupting production, and they have the special equipment needed to effectively clean the facilities. 

There is no gainsaying that the cleaning service of any industry contributes to the overall appearance and functionality of that industry. If an industry and its equipment or facilities are not adequately cleaned regularly, there are tendencies that the facilities might become damaged and sicken the employees and customers. 

They may even lead to the wind-up of such industry due to the excessive accumulation of dirt and debris in the industrial environment. This is why it is important for any industry that plans to become successful to have a good cleaning service at all times. 

Types of Industrial Cleaning Services

Even though there are many types of industrial cleaning services out there, there are some that stand out and are often required by most industries. And in this article, we shall be taking a look at those cleaning services. 

Without further ado, below are the various types of industrial cleaning services that are available in today’s world.

1. Heavy-Duty Equipment Cleaning 

This requires the proper cleaning and maintenance of heavy-duty machines and equipment. Many industries rely on their machines for various production processes, hence, they must hire the professional service of a heavy-duty equipment cleaning company to clean and maintain their machines. 

The various types of heavy-duty equipment that could need such professional cleaning and maintenance include loaders, excavators, bulldozers, concrete trucks, cranes, pavers, dump trucks, graders, feller bunchers, telehandlers, pile drivers, trenchers, forklifts, and compactors.

Manufacturing and construction industries are usually the industries that most demand this kind of service due to their heavy-duty facilities and machines.

2. Floor Cleaning, Stripping, Polishing, and Sealing Services

This involves cleaning the floor of the industry and proceeding with the striping, polishing, and sealing process that will help to keep the floor clean and make it aesthetically appealing to visitors and customers. 

Stripping has to do with taking out existing layers of old site-applied sealers and finishes from the flooring surface. After stripping, the cleaning professionals proceed with polishing or finishing the floor. This helps to protect the floor from getting damaged by abrasive wear, embedment of soils, stains, and leaching. 

Sealers are used for sealing old floors to promote adhesion and improve the overall maintenance of the floor. 

3. Exhaust System Cleaning 

Every industry has a means of transportation in the form of cars, buses, trucks, vans, and even tractors that help with the implementation and movement of goods and services from one place to another. 

These vehicles need proper cleaning and maintenance from time to time to help them function effectively. The exhaust system cleaning service helps with cleaning and maintaining the exhaust system of the vehicles to ensure optimal functionality and performance. 

A vehicle exhaust plays an integral part in removing harmful or dangerous gases from a vehicle. It also converts them to less dangerous gases and minimizes noise pollution. This makes the need for an exhaust system service important in every industry. 

4. Industrial Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Services 

There are usually furniture and carpets that help to accentuate the beauty and splendor of an industry and its entire office space. Hence, furniture, carpets, and rugs are adequately taken care of at all times. 

Clean office space will delightfully appeal to visitors and customers. This goes to show the importance of this type of industrial cleaning service. 

Professional industrial upholstery and carpet cleaning services have specialized equipment designed for such services.  

5. Industrial Window and Glass Cleaning 

types of industrial cleaning services

A grimy or dirty window does not make a good impression; this is why this service is needed in industries. 

Due to the big building structure of most industries, they often need the service of window and glass cleaners to help them with the cleaning of their windows or glass storefront. 

Companies that offer this kind of cleaning services are highly skilled and possess the various equipment that can enable them to thoroughly clean the glasses and windows regardless of the height of the buildings. 

6. Pressure Washing and Loading Dock Cleaning 

A clean and efficient loading dock enables industries to load their large shipment into vehicles and trucks without hassle. It equally helps to ease the job of the employees where they don’t have to worry about the dirt and debris that accumulates in the docks. 

Pressure washing equally helps in providing industries with the needed cleanliness that would enable them to function properly and effectively.

7. Construction Debris Removal 

Most construction industries often require the service of a construction debris removal company to help them clean and dispose of their waste. Works that deal with tons of debris and rubbles like a house or building construction might not enable the disposal of refuse easily; hence, a professional debris cleaning service is highly required. 

This type of industrial cleaning service also involves a great level of dexterity or ability to successfully implement. 

8. Trash Removal and Recycling 

types of industrial cleaning services

Most manufacturing industries use the services of trash removal and recycling companies to help to clear and recycle their waste or trash. Products that can be recycled like plastic, cardboard, paper, beverage cans, glass bottles, among other reusable items are often collected, cleaned (when necessary), and transferred to the various industries that will recycle them. 

This has proven to be a very valuable and remarkable alternative to the conventional waste disposal system. 

9. Restroom Cleaning, Sanitation, and Supplies 

A clean and properly maintained restroom will go a long way in ensuring a healthy and hygienic environment for employers and employees. When a restroom is often cleaned and sanitized, it will be a no-go area for infectious diseases and germs. 

Therefore, the service of professionals in restroom cleaning, sanitation, and supplies is highly required. 

These professionals are equipped with the right techniques, expertise, and equipment that will enable them to properly clean the restroom. They equally know the right chemicals and disinfectants needed to clean the restroom and make it germ-free. 

Also, they help to supply various toiletries that are needed in the restroom, which will enable users to feel comfortable and have a satisfactory restroom experience. 

10. Handyman Repairs and Maintenance 

Some big industries often require the service of a handyman to help with various repairs and maintenance of facilities. 

A handyman offers a long list of services for industries, ranging from cleaning to maintenance, repairs, errands, and a host of other jobs. Industries that want to cut the cost of hiring an in-house maintenance staff often opt for their service because it is cheaper and more convenient. 


When it comes to the various types of industrial cleaning services, there are countless of them out there. 

With the growth in technology, most cleaning services are devising new ways of serving their clients better, and have continued to purchase the best and latest cleaning equipment that will enable them to get the job done faster and successfully. 

As industries expand, there is a high demand for various types of industrial cleaning services by these big businesses. And the types we have discussed above are the most popular and in-demand forms of industrial cleaning services. 

Types of Industrial Cleaning Services

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